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  • Costume Jewellery website.


    I have just launched my Costume Jewellery website. Any comments are appreciated.
    Costume Jewellery - High quality and hand crafted costume jewellery. Bracelets, Necklaces, Rings and Earrings.

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    Not bad.

    You seem to have a good sense for color and the white background makes the jewelry pictures stand out crisp and cliear.

    Just some very minor things to improve:

    - The position of some menu items are not perfectly aligned between pages, making them shift sligtly
    - Your sub-pages don´t yet have a meaningful title: this is bad for search engines
    - " Here you will find....." ??? What do I find ??
    - Three links for bookmarking on the start page don´t make sense. Personally, I would leave them out completely.
    - Removing the underline decoration, bullets and linke breaks from the menu items would make it look somewhat more professional.

    Good luck!



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      Re: Costume Jewellery website.

      Just had a quick peek.
      Very nice, easy to navigate, etc. Pictures of jewellery is excellent? Can I ask what are you using? A scanner or a digi camera?
      Your email address is not showing up properly on the Advertising page. You've not put any contact details in your Contact us page, I am always wary of site where I can't find any such details, even though people can put anything. If you work from home, you probably don't want your private address to show and a PO Box would be better than anything, might be worth thinking setting one up?
      In any case, good luck and I hope it works out for you! It's always exciting!
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