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    Hello everyone. I thought that I would introduce my website in the place where it would be most appreciated.

    It is a new site that I set up after I had to take early retirement and I became obsessed with cardmaking. You probably know the feeling. I aim to sell craft items at cut prices as soon as I get a good customer base. The sooner you buy, the sooner the prices can fall.

    I sell mulberry flowers, beads, embellishments, ribbons, Kanban card and paper, inspiration bags and much, much more. So come, brows and hopefully buy.

    I would appreciate your comments on the site. Can you tell my why you will or will not buy from my and why.

    Craft fairy

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    your website

    I think your website is cute, i liek it, and you have them all described clearly and easy to follow, i like it.
    Chris x


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      Hello, I like your site too..... its sweet..

      I think the inspiration bags need a little more detailed description of their purpose in the head of that section.... like what they are for, what you can do etc. I assume that you send a bag full of bits and pieces?? Do you enclose any hints/projects ideas as well inside, like a kit with the pieces, or are you supposed to think something up? Sometimes my brain hits a blank, and i am surrounded by cool things, and not a clue what to do with them......lolololol ops:
      free printables,templates,kids activities,tutorials with photo\'s at


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        Thanks for the comments. I have not been too specific with the contents as they may vary with what comes into stock. Ideas can come from the handmade card section. I am having trouble contacting the man who desigend the site. I want to make some changes but I am too much of a novice to do it alone.