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  • Really grateful for some advice

    Hi all,
    After reading lots of these seems there's some excellent advice on here. I have an online shop with but although I have loads of visitors they are resulting in relatively few sales. I think maybe people are visiting the homepage and not exploring further????

    I'd be really grateful for some honest feedback, my other half thinks the problem is the way I've set up my site, and I've tweeked a bit but would love someone not connected with it to give it a go.


    Thanks so much. Rhi
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    I must admit, although your site isn't the worst I've seen (by a long way!!) it could probably be improved.

    There is a lot of text to go past before you see images of products, but there is some vital information in that text such as availability and pricing - these could do with being clearer.

    The images - the customizable slot has 'no picture available' - why not have the embroidered word 'example' or something similar picture there? It looks at first like the image hasn't uploaded properly, which isn't good.

    I know it's what I do so it's bound to be something I look at, but the quality of the photographs could be improved too.

    Have you looked at other sites doing similar stuff to get ideas? Always a good idea to research the market - not only to find out who is out there but to see how they are marketing their products and the prices they are charging.

    Hope this is helpful


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      When you say 'loads of visitors' how many do you mean?

      If you start doing some research in web site optimisation & Google Adwords campaign management it seems that a 1% conversion rate for visitors is about the accepted norm.

      So if you are getting 100 visitors to your site as a result of relevant searches then you can expect one sale.

      If you are saying that you are getting several hundred visitors to your site then firstly, congratulations!!! (you are doing something right with your web optimisation strategy, what's your secret? ) however, if you are not getting sales then something is wrong.

      What that is is not clear because you do not provide much background to how you are seeking to optimise your site.

      Could be, for example, that you have a poorly structure AdWords campaign running that is attracting the 'wrong crowd'.

      As for how your site looks, there's a heck of a lot of pre-amble before the pictures, I'd definitely cut down some of this.

      Take a look at ours on the front page I've tried to keep words down to an absolute minimum. We sell handmade soap, so guess what? there's pretty large pictures of handmade soap and not too much wording.

      I notice that you have a e-commerce site also, these are fantastic for organising products if you have a large catalogue or intend to sell an expansive range of products in future but I have noticed that many of these sites tend to forget the context of their business ie. tell people about who they are and what they do which builds up credibility - all too often it's just a shop.

      Anyway, just some thoughts.
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        I'm with others. I saw all the text and just wanted pretty pictures. If I saw a great pic of something, even something I wasn't looking for but really fab, then I'm keep looking.

        Hope it helps
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          Originally posted by reebee baby View Post
          I think maybe people are visiting the homepage and not exploring further????

          I would say the first step would be to use Google Analytics on your site to see how your visitors are behaving when they are on your website, i.e. what pages they visit, for how long and how many just bounce.

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            You also need to analyse exactly where your visitors are coming from and the search terms they are using. In thay way you can see if you are reaching your target audience and not just attracting people who are just browsing.

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              Thank you! Some excellent points there, especially, the writing on home page I hadn't thought about that.

              I have a son-free day tomorrow think I might spend it re-doing photos and my site, rather than sewing. I'm going to buy a doll I think to photograph the clothes on with a nice background, it's one of those jobs I put off - think I may have prioritised it wrong...

              I just need to get my site looking as professional as I can to encourage more online sales.

              Google analytics is an excellent idea - I just need to work out how to set it up lol.

              Bakewell soap - I see exactly what you mean now....!!!! Your homepage is so well organised it's really clear where to go. I looked at mine straight after it's a bit crowded and the links are dead small.

              Thanks everyone - sometimes what is wrong is obvious but you can't see it until it's pointed out.
              Cheers, Rhi
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                Good luck with it can give me pointers once mine is up and something other than a holding page!!

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                  You're on
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                    Hi Rhi,

                    I think this is pretty much what everyone else has said but I found your homepage a bit overwhelming - I almost see so much to navigate through, that I'm not sure where to start. I noticed you have the same links along the top as down the side...maybe the top ones could go, as that's where my eye gets drawn to straight away and it almost looks like a sentence rather than a lot of links.

                    I am also not entirely clear what your site sells (I don't do embroidery!) so all the various options are a bit confusing. It would be nice to see less writing of what's for sale and a more detailed kind of welcome note to explain exactly what you do.

                    But my site is new so this is just personal opinion, I'm no expert!
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