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  • Website Changes - any comments?


    I've made a few changes to our website (colours, layout, new packaging etc) and if anyone has a couple of minutes to take a look I would really value your opinions.

    I've spend the last couple of months making lots of new soaps, a 100% natural balm and lots of new gifts so I hope the site looks a little more full than it used to.


    Natural soaps and skincare, handmade from beginning to end...

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    Wow, your site looks FAB! I love the natural colours you've used, it looks really good and makes you get a sense of the natural product. Easy to navigate too. Well done.
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      It looks fantastic - well done. I too love the natural look to the site. Hope you get loads of sales from it


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        Just had a peek at your website - it looks lovely. Very professional.
        The packaging also looks really good.
        Looks like the sort of products that you would find in Liberty's in London.
        There is a company local to me called Potions and Possibilitys (they probably have a website) they make hand made soaps and goodies. They started just a lady making them who is an aromothearapist, and they have got really quite big now, supplying large department stores.
        Just a thought, think big!! Your products look like they could go the same way - i will definatley be ordering soon....


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          Thank you so much for your kind comments

          I recently saw potions and possibilities at a trade show in Birmingham, they are very professional and I always love to see companies that have been started from just one person, it gives me hope!

          I do sell to small gift shops and independant therapists but it would be amazing to have my soap in somewhere like libertys!!

          Thanks again


          Natural soaps and skincare, handmade from beginning to end...

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            WOW !! What a beautiful site ! It looks so professional...very clean looking and well...gorgeous. Well done you !
            Lorraine xx
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              Looks great Leanne!

              I think both site and products are lovely and the site is really easy to navigate.

              You have obviously work very hard! Cant pick any faults with it.
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                What a lovely site! So easy to navigate and very easy on the eye. Did you design it all yourself or get someone to do it for you? I'm struggling with Mr Site at the moment - I'm finding it very limiting on what you can and can't do - I've revamped my site, but am still not 100% happy with it - I think it needs to be more crafty looking, but can't do much more because of the restrictions of Mr Site

                Well done on yours though !
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                  A really lovely clear site. Well done.

                  All the best.

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                    Hi Leanna,
                    Your site re design is fab! The products look fantastic.
                    Anice xx
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                      Hey your site is great, really lovely and professional looking i would feel 100% confident when buying.... and i can almost smell the soaps the pictures are so good! well done you!

                      Love the packaging and the layout - all great! The only thing i noticed are the fonts in the left hand menu seem to either be different or different sizes - is this the vlink option so the size changes on links that have been clicked?
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                        excellent site. Totally pro looking. As one of the comments earlier said, you would have total confidence buying from it.

                        You must have put a lot of work into it. Brilliant stuff, can't fault it.

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                          Thanks for your comments. I'm so glad that you would feel confident about buying, that's always so important.

                          The text on the left annoys me, i'm sure your right and some of it is a little smaller! I'm going to have a look at it later. I've been up since 6am making soap and balms so the chance of me figuring it out today is very slim!!

                          Thanks again

                          Natural soaps and skincare, handmade from beginning to end...

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                            Just had a look at your website and I think it is fantastic....everything about it is great, the pictures are so clear, nagivating the sight is simple and I love the prices of the soap. When I make some sales I will want to purchase some soap for myself.

                            Well Done!



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                              i didnt see what the previous website looked like but this is great. i love the name and the fonts used and everything is easy to access.
                              i will be buying christmas pressies from you
                              good luck with the new design xx