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    We launched our site selling handmade jewellery and some other fine things around a month ago. Would be great to know if you guys like it.

    You can check it out at
    My site is - check out the valentines jewellery promo.

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    Hey, it's a really nice site. The photography is great and it's really easy to navigate. The only constructive thing I can find to say is that maybe your home page could do with a bit of an intro about what the site does, as i saw the earrings on there and clicked home to double check i was actually on the home page cos I thought it was a page of the shop. :-D But it's really nice, well done! How are the sales going??
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      Hey supersezzie,

      Thanks for your comments. Some others have said something similar about the homepage so I'll have a think about that. I'd quite like it to be about the products rather than the site, so I try to avoid have text that's describing the site. It's a balancing act I guess.

      We are just getting started but sales are increasing so it's all very encouraging for next year.
      My site is - check out the valentines jewellery promo.