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Help needed... and you can win a prize...

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  • Help needed... and you can win a prize...

    Hi eveyone.

    Hope this is ok to post this...

    I have just been working on my subscriber/newsletter within my site.
    Trouble is I don't have many subscribers yet and it's a bit disheartening.
    I haven't started marketing yet so I am sure they will come.
    But it would be just brilliant if some of you could subscribe for me. This will not only help me test that the system is working ok but it will give me a great start and keep me my motivation up.

    WARNING: Blatant plug coming up...

    When you subscribe you will get our soon to be fantastic newsletter, it will have some good little articles etc.. in it, honest!

    Subscribing automatically enters you into our competitions, FOREVER.
    That means every time we have a competition (about 1 per month) you will be automatically entered into it.

    The first compy prize is a 60pc personalised jigsaw.

    I hope I am not pushing this to you too much. Every little helps and it would be great to have you subscribe.

    Also, please add to this thread if you have any subscriptions etc.. on your site and I will of course sign up too.

    Many thanks
    You're very nice people...

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    Well - I tried ever so hard to find something to moan about in your post...................but I can' d luck Steve! See? Creeping does work!


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      Hi Steve,
      Your post prompted me to have a good dig about on your site.. you have some great stuff!
      Try a new way every day and work becomes play!


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        Done aparently I have at least 10 carecters to post
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          Done! I'm looking forward to my newsletter now though.............
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            Done it Steve...looking forward to getting it !
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              Beat you to it Steve, I've already signed up!

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                I am now officially 'one of the gang'


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                  I better win now!
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                    Thanks so much...

                    Thanks to all for singing up. It makes a big difference to know that I have some support. I have started work on the first newsletter (will be just a tiddles to start but it will grow as I progress).

                    It's brilliant that you have signed up. I know now that the system works too!

                    I wish I had loads of prizes so you could all win!!

                    Many thanks
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                      I joined up too last night! Prize's here we come!!!
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                        Hi everyone,

                        thanks again so much to everyone who ahs subscribed to the newsletter.
                        Very grateful. Just a quck note, a few of you haven't clicked on the email link sent to you, this completes your subscription.

                        It is a safety check for you, to ensure I can't spam you. Until you confim your subscription through the email you have received I can't send the newsletter to you. ('Tis good, 'cos know I now that part of the system works!)

                        Thanks Again.
                        Handmade woodcrafts - relaunching soon.
                        Best range of wooden craft shapes and cutouts.[SIZE=2]


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                          I only just saw this so have signed us up too!
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