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Ta Da.......New Website!

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  • Ta Da.......New Website!

    I'm quite pleased...well, to be honest, I'm chuffed with myself!

    What do you think?

    Apple Tree Crafts

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    Looks really good and very easy to use - FAB!
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      Full marks

      Very nice, i'm jealous............
      One of these days i will have one to show you all!


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        Looks very nice. You say you used Mr Site? I'm sereously thinking of getting him myself after seeing some nice websites produced using him. I know it costs about £35 but could you tell me are there monthly/annual charges as well as i would imagine there would be a charge for hosting/ shopping basket etc. Can't believe how quick you done it.
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          Go girl - one site for us crafters!!

          Great site.

          All the best


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            You Can Get it Cheaper....

            ......on eBay!

            You might save about £10 if you do a 'Buy it Now' or more if you're lucky and buy it through auction. I followed Mr Site auctions, and watched the prices climb, one went for £28 + p&p, which was silly, because there were buy-it-now's at £24......!

            You get a year's free webhosting, and after that it's something like £2.49 per month. You build the site online, no software (you get a code to sign up) and it's up and running immediately.

            We had a few gripes, loading pictures can be a trial, but you'll get there with perseverence.

            Overall, I'd highly recommend Mr Site.

            Apple Tree Crafts


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              Looks great .Well Done


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                Well done julies.. Much better..

                What I pm'ed you about before is all sorted now..

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                  Hi, I like your site, nice colours and very clear & easy to navigate. Just wish you stayed a bit closer so that I could go to one of your craft fairs! Couple of Q's - why is it necessary to be fully set up 45 mins before start, just seems a long time? Also, do you not need your contact details on the website?
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                    Contact Us

                    We've got a whole page for 'Contact Us' so I don't think that full postal/ telephone details are needed.

                    If anyone's looking at the site, then they can use the email form on the contact page. Should someone want to chat, then they can email first for details.

                    It's working so far.....

                    Apple Tree Crafts


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                      My site is from Mr Site too and it really is so easy...thats coming from someone has only just found out how to e-mail !!! Your site looks great, well done.
                      Lorraine xx
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                        Hi there,
                        I just thought (from other posts on the forum) that it was a legal requirement to have your address on your website if it's for a business, if this is the case you may want to add it, that's all! I'd rather not have my address on my website to be honest, but hey ho!
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                          It is - according to the EEC. If you like that sort of thing. There again - if you don't put your address'll take 'em longer to find you!


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                            Well done! Love the site, eye catching and very easy to use even I could find my way around it.