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  • launched today!

    Setting up a website for my crafts was my New Year's resolution, one that I've now actually achieved (the losing weight resolution sadly isn't going as well - too much time spent sitting at the computer!) Anyway, finally my website is here. I created it from scratch with the help of a book my husband gave me for Christmas. What do you think? Any feedback regarding the website and my craft items would be much appreciated. For instance, are the prices right? Do I need better photos? etc...
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    I really like it and your mirrors - they are really lovely. I would buy one but I think my boyfriend would have a fit - there are about 35 mosaic mirrors in our house at the moment!!! You've done really well to do the site from scratch too, very impressive.
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      Very nice web site, I'm struggling with mine which is based on a template (i'm not very technical minded). I could only dream of doing one from scratch.

      Hats off to you.
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        hi nice site!

        All in all I'd say It's a well laid out site. Nice and simple which is easy on the eye.

        There are a few thing's I'd think about (please don't be brutal with me you asked for comments!)

        Althought the curly font looks lovely on the main titles and it shows us your personality, it does make the little nav bar items a bit difficult to read.

        Perhaps spacing the navbar out some more would help a bit or changing the font.

        Maybe a few small pictures on the first page to add a little colour.

        Finally I'd shrink the copyright notice at the bottom.

        It's a really good start and I think you've got it looking professional!

        well done!

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          I had a look at your website too and like you I did mine from scratch - which is full of frustrations, but it feels like an achievement in the end. Well done!!

          Just one thought I had was that you can add a paypal logo on your home page which makes buyers feel secure from the start. You can cut and paste the paypal logo from their website.


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            A lovely site, really easy to navigate. Like the previous post a couple of images of the mirrors on the home page would brighten it up.

            Best wishes.

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              Hi, thanks for the feedback.

              I think I will generate some thumbnails (or whatever it is they're called!) to brighten up the front page. I'm loathe to change my buttons as I did spend quite a lot of time making them up and I rather like them, but if I get more feedback saying people are finding them hard to read then I will. I didn't use javascript for my buttons as I was keen to get going on my website and didn't reach that part of the book till after I'd already done them in html!

              Does anyone have any comments on my prices? I have seen similar (and I think not as good!) mirrors elsewhere which are more expensive and the people who make them seem to be able to run a business out of it, I do think my prices are low for the work involved, it's just that when I've done craft fairs people seem reluctant to spend - hopefully that's the difference between someone who's wandering about a craft fair for a day out as opposed to someone who's searching the web to buy a specific type of item/gift.

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                I love your mirrors and sun catchers, and while you do want some feed back and please don't take this personally. I think you have made a good start however can I just say that the curly font is hard to read, I also had problems trying to find your prices. It is not that obvious that you have to click on the picture after you have clicked on the appropriate size on the mirrors.

                It seems a bit mis matched with regards to the layout it differs from page to page, with regards to mirrors and sun catchers.

                I just found it a little hard to navigate.

                But when i have some spare money, Expect an order


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                  I agree about it being hard to find the prices - I didn't realise they were on there for the mirrors the first time I looked. I will have another look now and let you know about the prices re: if they are about right etc.

                  ....Right, have had another look and found out how you get up the prices. I think your prices are reasonable, although I can understand you point about the craft fairs. I am doing my first one in a few weeks and am worried people won't buy because of the prices. I am reluctant to reduce them thought because if I work out cost or materials and then add all the time each one takes, I actually think I could charge more. I think its good that you offer a range of prices, and your sun catchers are a cheaper option for someone not prepared to pay the prices of the mirrors. What have you done at craft fairs when you have found people aren't buying? Do you have another outlet for selling that is better for getting what you want price wise?

                  I would appreciate any feedback on my prices too if peope don't mind (sorry to ask this through you thread). I have my own thread on this:


                  Thanks! Kate.
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                    i love your mirrors. absolutely fantastic! they're really stylish and i do think you're underpricing yourself. do you just do craft fairs or have you approached galleries/gift shops? i'll bet they'd lap up your work
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                      Hi, thanks for all the feedback. I'm in the process of implementing some of the recomended changes and it is turning out for the better so thanks again. Will let you know when it's ready to check!

                      Approaching galleries etc is my next resolution, I've only tried the local tea room so far and that wasn't a success as they refused to agree that they were liable for any damage while the mirrors were in their posession - I'd asked them to sign a short contract I'd prepared as it all seemed rather informal and risky otherwise. I just took my mirrors home again!
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                        just wanted to say that i have just had another peek at your website and the it's now much easier to navigate and read and much easier to find the prices.

                        looks good.


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                          Hi there, wow, that was quick! I only just finished uploading the files. I do think it is much better now too! Many thanks to you & others who gave good constructive criticism. Now to get back to making some mirrors (not tonight - I mean tomorrow or is that today!!!)
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                            Very Impressive!

                            Especially as you did it all yourself! That must have been a herculean task. Well done you!

                            The mirrors & suncatchers etc are just beautiful. Don't underprice yourself, and as HMH says approach galleries etc to promote your work.

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                              Hi, thanks. I suppose it was probably a bit masochistic to do it the way I did but I wanted to understand what some of this web page stuff was all about!
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