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Innocent Beads website - please take a look

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  • Innocent Beads website - please take a look

    I am just starting out in the past month or so on making and selling (hopefully) beaded necklaces and gifts. I have set up my website and would really appreciate some feedback both on my site and the products, still got some bits and bobs to add to it but its getting there

    Please be honest with your commmnts at the moment negative comments are just as useful as positive, i want to make sure I get it right.

    Thanks Becky xxx
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    oops forgot the link
    becky xxx - Handmade Beaded Jewellery and Gifts.


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      Your site is very nice, and you have some nice pieces on it and reasonable prices. I know how limiting a MrSite website can be (thats what I started off with, now mine is hosted by them, but designed elsewhere), but I think you've done a really nice job.

      On thing to watch for in the future though, is when you add more items to the shop, they'll always go in at the bottom, and depending on how many you have, you'll end up with a long list. It's not really a problem, it just doesn't look that great, but I guess that depends on if you intend adding more.

      Best of luck with the sales
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        Thank you

        Yes your right it is limiting but allowed me pretty much instant web access affordable to me. I'm guessing proffesional web designs is into the hundreds of pounds? Would love to get it properly done in the future but can't afford that right now.
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          I totally agree with you. Thats exactly how mine started. The only reason I've now deviated from the template system is because my darling OH knows a bit about web design, so redesigned mine for me. There are ways round some of the MrSite limitations. The help forum they have is pretty good.

          I still think you've done a really nice job. The layout is nice, as are the colours you've chosen.


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            Just a pedantic bit, but there's a lot of us around (Swirly).............accommodate - double c, double m. It's down at the bottom of your home page! Nice site though!


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              I'm not that pedantic - I wouldn't have noticed it!!
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