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can i have a review too please?

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  • can i have a review too please?

    ooh, just noticed this bit, I love this forum everyone has really helped me starting to make my own bead necklaces, recommending suppliers, techniques etc Now Ive nearly finished my website and would really appreciate honest feedback if anyone has the time! Its hope thats ok moderators?

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    If you put your website in your signature as a link it will be easier!


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      Hi there! Put your web address in your signature area and then it will automatially appear at the bottom of every post you make.

      Iv had a look at your site and it looks great. Im really interested in the healing properties of gemstones and its great to see a jewellery website dedicated to it. I like to put a description of the properties next to my gemstones too but my site isnt dedicated gemstone.

      The site is well set out and easy to navigate but the one thing i would say is that I found it quite hard to see some of the necklaces because of the background.


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        Hi, didnt realise I had enough posts for a signature, hope it has worked! Thanks for the feedback re the backgrounds, was aiming for something a bit different but will have another look at that then! Def need fresh eyes to look at things sometimes!
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          Your website looks lovely... great photos!

          Have you designed it yourself? What software have you used?


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            Your jewellery looks stunning. Its a good idea, I had to stop wearing neaklaces once I had my son. I used to wear them all the time before that.

            A couple things I would say about the site, firstly I would change the order of the tabs and put the necklaces tab either 2nd or 3rd as its one of the most important pages and probably the one most people want to go to, secondly, I would move the site map page towards the end as not many people look at that.

            The other thing is I am using a small screen laptop (10inchs) and found that the pictures on your site where huge and I had to keep scrolling for ages to view each picture and page. I could not get a whole photo on my screen. Not sure if it fits better on a larger screen or if anyone else is having the same problem?
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              Absolutely stunning website! very clear to navigate and excellent photos.

              Your necklaces have had me drooling!! but unfortunately I'm a mama on a VERY limited budget so all I can do is continue to drool.

              However, I do appreciate that these are all gemstones with healing properties and worth every penny.

              I shall be trying to put some pennies away and treat myself perhaps for Christmas!!!
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                haha, we'll all be hoping we get you in the secret santa!



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                  Great necklaces and I LOVE the photography . Trying to persuade DH to take me to the beach to photograph mine too, but strangely he isnt up for it.......
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                    It's a lovely website. I love the photo of you, it makes it personal, especially as you're aiming at other mothers.

                    Just one thing, I looked at all the necklaces, and only 1 had a buy button. I don't know if that's deliberate, because of out of stocks, or if you hadn't realised.
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                      wow thanks everyone for your lovely comments and constructive feedback! am looking into all of it! am def aware they are pricy for those on limited budgets-which is the majority of mums, so next time I buy in some beads will look for some less expensive ones to offer something for a wider range of budgets.
                      to extraspecialtouchgifts I used a free microsoft site to set it up, so its mostly design templates but fairly straightforward! Am waiting for the boxes to price postage before I do all the buy buttons-just wanted to see if I could do it, but thanks for pointing that out! craftybeader drag your OH to the beach!


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                        Very nice site!

                        I love the necklaces for mums angle. Don't know if you could make more of a point with it, maybe pictures of it being worn etc?

                        You also need to change your page <title> from 'Home' to your website name as it appears on the browser title bar.

                        I would love to see more close up shots of these lovely beads too. Your photos are generally great and the slide show format works well. Although you might have people not know that there is more to view, so maybe have a thumbnail gallery somewhere too?

                        Good job!
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