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New Logo... New stamps... opinions wanted..

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  • New Logo... New stamps... opinions wanted..

    Hi guys,

    Revamped logo.. new stamps and a better layout..

    I would really appreciate your feedback on the site so far.. DewDrop Craftz

    It has taken a while to find a website company that I get on with and find it easy to sort the site in the smallest amount of time.. and think I finally have found it..

    Just need opinions on layout and stamps on offer so far..

    Many thanks

    Behind all great men are suprised mother in laws. for clear stamps with a difference..

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    My first comment would be that your menu looks cramped, there's a lot of links there, do they all need to be there? Surely the key menu items should be, Shop, About and Contact?

    I think you need images of the stamps on the main shop page. Currently it takes 3 clicks from the homepage to see an item, try to minimise that if possible.

    Your font sizes and styles also need to be more consistent throughout the site. Username and password are very very small on my browser.

    I like your colour scheme and logo, very fresh and funky. Good job so far!
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      Hi There

      I would delete the top fifty counter you have, as this just shows there are better sites out there, same as a visitor counter, just shows how many visitors you don't get, only of interest to the owner !

      And agree that the menu is rather cramped, monitors are getting bigger, so expand it a bit, the extra room is liberating.

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