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  • Advice needed please

    My website has been up and running for nearly two months now, had about 260 people visit it and only 2 sales, 1 of those sales I knew the person!

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice for me please?

    Does the website look inviting?
    Am I charging too much?
    Do my items look rubbish?? Honest opinions please!!! I won't take offence.

    Just really worried that all the time and effort I've put into making my jewellery is going to waste if no one else likes it?

    I'm having a jewellery party soon, so hopefully that will be successful and boost my confidence abit as feeling abit down about it at the mo.

    Thanks for reading

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    your photos are very dark. hard to see the jewellery properly.


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      I think your website looks well laid out, I like the template and your prices are not expensive, but as mentioned before, I think your photos are too dark and don't show your jewellery off to its best ~ it's difficult to see the details of the jewellery and the colour of the beads.

      Good luck with your jewellery party ~ make sure you have plenty of cards which could help to drive customers to your website for follow-up business.
      I'm hoping for world peace but I'd also like something shiny as well...


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        I agree about the darkness of the photos, they don't do your jewellery any justice.

        I like the layout and colour scheme of the site. I think the menu on the left is great and very easy for someone to navigate.

        Maybe you can make your homepage more appealing and add more of your signature pieces, there's no reason to have lots of copy on the homepage, people will know you are a jewellery designer and if they want to know more they can go to the 'about' page.
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          Thanks everyone,

          Going to have another go of photographing my jewellery, I've read up on my camera abit and kind of learned how to use a couple of the settings that might help!



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            The website looks very good, and thats a good level of visitors to have staring from scratch.

            What I would say is that it takes roughly 100 visitors to get 1 sale, this evens out over the tim period, so you may get a rush and then none for ages.

            The key points are to have lots of pictures and make it easy to buy the products.

            I would look to increase the visitors to the website, let everyone you know friends/customers know, advertise, join business directories, and work on improving the site.

            From our own site we often find that visitors sometimes come view several times before making a purchase!

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              Maybe you need to work on promoting your site to get more visistors. I've been listing mine in the free business directories, putting the website into forums and blogs and on Facebook. I've also printed some leaflets up (vistaprint are cheap) and have been handing them out too. My site has been up just over a week and has had 400+ hits.

              We have craft makers advertising on our site, often with links back to their own sites to attract more customers to their site. The site is MOD EDIT - PLEASE READ POSTING RULES if you'd like to have a look and see if it would be worth advertising on their to attract more people to your site. It costs £25 for 3 months to wont break the bank.
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                Site looks ok to me - and I would not be too down hearted with your sales.

                You are in a very competitive market - there are a lot of such sites out there - and it can be hard to generate any sales at all.

                If you were to stay at 1 sale per 130 visits I would be very happy at that.

                But at 260 odd visitors its a bit early to start drawing any conclusions - if I was you I would look at running addwords just to generate the numbers to see if it does work or not.

                1000 visitors will tell you a lot more

                All the best