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  • Is this as unique as I think?

    I am not a craft person, I do not really have the patience to achieve the degree of perfection required, but my wife and daughters are enthusiastic and artistic jewellery makers.
    I broke my ankle recently which laid me up at home preventing me from my usually physically demanding job. After watching the activities of my family making up their jewellery I came up with an idea for an online jewellery shop that included a virtual design workshop. With the exception of the programming side everything else has been done by a member of the family.
    It has been up and running for a couple of months now and I have not found any other site that works in the same way as My Pearl Box, but I do not wish to promote it as such if there are similar ones out there.
    If anyone can point out similar sites or has any other comments that might improve it I would be grateful.


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    Hi Nigel and to the forum

    I have no idea whether there is anything similar out there but I really love the concept and I like that you have the price pasted in the corner immediately after you choose a template so you don't spend ages designing something only to find it is outside your budget - very clever. I could see this as a bonus for the bridal market where people are trying to match colours to bridesmaids outfits or for brides who want more creative input.

    Well done to all, hope it is a success for you
    Bespoke clothing for your little angels!/angelic.folk?ref=profile


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      Hi! I really love the website design, the drawers and what not, if I had a website yet thats the kind of design I would go for!
      The idea is good i've not seen any like it before so definately get some advertising done and get it out there!
      email: [email protected]


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        I have seen many of these types of websites.

        And im sorry to say most of them fail unless you got a massive corporation branding and advertising budget.

        Reason is that you are using flash + xml

        This will NOT be picked up in any search engines etc - and there is no way you can optimize the site and get recognised in google or other search engines alike.

        If you want other examples of this flash type website - checkout flashden

        You can buy many of these types of shops from as little as $10/ £7


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          Wow - your website blew me away! Fantastic website design and I absolutely love the idea (not too expensive either).
          Get it advertised, quick!


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            One word -BRILLIANT


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              Thats what I like to hear.