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    I launched my site about 3/4 weeks ago and so far had 3 definate sales and a couple more enquiries. I built the site with Mr Site, it cost me about £20 and it took 3 weeks to get listed on Google (page 7 at the moment). I understand a good way to move up the Google ranking is to get links so I am still adding to the site.

    Please let me know what you think.
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    I really like your site and your crafts. I found it easy to find my way around and everything was displayed clearly. I liked the fact that your home page is personal to you re: why you started making your crafts. Including the beach picture is a great idea.
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      Your site is lovely and like the previous post is really easy to navigate. The links are good as they all relate to the product that you are selling.
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        Hi littlesnuggler.

        Right you wanted advice so don't blame me!!

        Ok, I think you're onto a really good thing here. You've got a good unique idea and it's aimed at a market that is constantly being renewed. After all people are going to go on having babies and if there's one thing new parents love to do it's spend money on their little bundle!

        One thing you should consider is getting in with business link and formalising your business plan (if you have not already done so). This is good to do even if you are not looking for funding as you know where you are going. Next maybe think about joining your local chamber of commerce. They have regular networking events and these are a good oppertunity to get your product known.

        I would also think about getting together a press release and sending it off to baby related magazines and perhaps shops such as mothercare. They are always on the lookout for new ideas and the magazines may give you some publicity.

        Of course there may come a time where you find your demand is greater than you capacity to create the product and that is when you will need to look at funding. Securing funding for your product IMO would not be a problem provided your business plan was up to scratch. Personally if I had a few thousand to invest I would be offering it in your direction cause I can see the potential.

        Hope you don't mind me commenting in this way.

        I wish my business idea was as unique as yours!

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          Thank you so much for your comments, especially yours Vikki. It wasn't until I visited this forum that I really thought about registering my business and formulating a business plan, etc. It is on my 'to do' list for next week.

          At the moment I can make about 4/5 a week if I really knuckle down so I am going to use the summer months to make some stock for next autumn/winter. In the meantime I am always on the lookout for some really unusual funky fleece fabric. I am also joining a couple of websites who (for a fee) do all the advertising to the relavent avenues so I'll see how they pan out.

          If they do take off in a big way then I'm going to have to look for someone to make them for me but then, of course, the cost of the finished item will go up and that is what I am trying to avoid. There are similar products on the market which retail around £40 so I want to stay under £30 if possible.

          Thanks again, chat soon,

          Total warmth and comfort for your baby and toddler up to 3 years


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            What a great product. I think your site looks good too. Wishing you lots of success - would of loved to have known about you when my kids were babies - can't keep them warm enough here in chilly Scotland !! Will recommend you to some friends who are expecting.....

            Lor xx
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              Thanks Lor,

              My site is starting to go quiet now that spring is just around the corner (or so they say) but all the items are available anytime.

              Total warmth and comfort for your baby and toddler up to 3 years


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                I think your site and your products are lovely.

                Becky x
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                  Hi there, I really like your cosytoes, especially the one in dark pink with the bright flowers. This would be lovely material for a pinafore - I've seen someone selling lovely handmade fleece pinafores and this would be an area which would be easy for you to branch out into? The pinafores were basically two shaped pieces of fleece material stitched together - no buttons or zips to worry about, just a patch pocket for decoration. I think the lady was selling them for about £14, one of my friends bought one & says she'll be buying another one next autumn.
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                    That's a great idea and they sound easy to make too. I might think about doing something like that but to be honest I am really hoping that my Little Snugglers will take off once we get towards the autumn so hopefully I won't have any time for anything else.

                    I have sold about 50 since Sept/Oct last year on Ebay so if my website continues to get good rankings on the search engines it should do well. Fingers crossed anyway!

                    Total warmth and comfort for your baby and toddler up to 3 years