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  • Oooh some feedback Please!!

    Hi everyone

    I have been using this site for a few weeks now and I didnt even see this section..

    Please can I have some feedback regarding my site please. I am new to jewellery making so I dont have much on there yet but I am spending this weekend crafting like

    Thank you in advance
    Still Finding my niche but getting there!!!

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    I really like your shop, very professional and easy to use - great. Now if I can just sort my own out.......... lol!
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      A really nice website - it looks very professional. I also like the names you've chosen for your jewellery (I love the cave necklace!). Had a nose at your blog aswell - am very jealous about the US holiday!


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        I like the colour palette you have chosen. I would question the use of the dark brown on your landing page at the bottom as it seems heavy and doesn't tie in with the nice header and logo.

        Once you get some more categories (and stock) on the shop section it will be great!

        Good luck.
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          I like it. I like the software you have used. Not seen that used anywhere before. One small criticism, I would drop the banner advertising to the bottom of the page as it is a bit of a distraction.

          But on the whole, great

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            Nice jewellery, nice and easy-to-navigate site.

            Are you VAT-registered? A couple of mentions of VAT and tax confused me. I wouldn't expect to see this except for on a wholesale site. What is the price actually paid by the customer? I think this might put me off, because I'd be confused about what price I was actually paying. If you can, I'd take all mention of VAT and tax off and just have the price upfront as it stands (including VAT if you're registered). If you're aiming at shops though, it is a different matter.

            I really didn't like the adverts. Do you need them? They detract from what is otherwise a good site, and make it look less professional (reminds me of the free sites). I personally hate the flashy-type ads, and always click away from them at the first opportunity.

            Sorry for the negative comments, but I hope they help. You have some lovely things and they deserve an ad-free and confusion-free platform!!!
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              Thank you for the feedback.

              I try to ocome up with all sorts of crazy names, I just look at them and think... hmmm you look like a (I know crazy). I have put my first watch up and I looked at it and thought Crackle.. WHY it looks crackly.

              I will sort out the VAT issue, they are all VAT exempt but the program I use includes details about VAT that I cant remove, but I will amend the first page.

              With regards to the adverts, I make commission off them but I agree I have gone a bit crazy with I have kept them to the sides only and away from the main text.

              Thank you so much for your opinions it really means alot.....

              Okay so I have made the changes and I have introduced a new opening page???

              Some more feedback please.


              Tatty x
              Still Finding my niche but getting there!!!

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              I am also on many websites, I would have joined it as Tattyslittlegem.. PLEASE ADD ME


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                I'd lose the music! Remember, people can be browsing at work as well

                Other than that, I think it looks good. I also think your prices are WAAAAAY too low. You're not even paying yourself minimum wage there!


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                  Hi just a quick point to say you are missing an 'L' from little on the opening page.

                  I'm not keen on the music tbh, but your site is a great design although I'd make the product photos on the first page much bigger to catch the eye better.

                  Re the ads - I was advised by my SEO gurus(!) not to put ads on my site until it was well established as it just encourages potential buyers to click away from your site (and it can look tacky). Personally I hated ads with any animation as they are so distracting.

                  Remember the idea is to make a potential buyer want to click further into your site.

                  Your photos are fab and I think your jewellery is really lovely, but how have you decided on sizes?

                  10 inches for a necklace is tiny (a bracelet is usually about 7-7.5 inches). Even in the Far East where women are generally more petite necklaces usually start at 14 inches. Are your necklaces designed to be worn as chokers?
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