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Please take a look and tell me what you think!

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  • Please take a look and tell me what you think!


    I would love and advice and opinions on my website please

    (nervously adds link)

    jan x

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    Hi Jan,

    Here are my thoughts

    I love the turquoise background - but then I love turquoise

    I really like the simplicity and cleaness of the site..just not too fussy and overly complicated...nicely done

    I like the way you have broken it up into sections and then in a section you have thumbnails that are big enough to get an idea of the piece and then the roduct pages, which are well laid out with clear pictures and unfussy layouts...and the option to view a larger picture...all brilliant

    Love your ISIS logo too..

    Not liking so much all the 'blurb' on the front page...I think you should put a picture of a really eye catching product and save all the stuff about you for your about us page...maybe it's just me but I will very often click shut a site that doesn't immediately give me an idea of what they are about (in terms of products) - it should be visually beautiful or eye-catching and encompass everything about you and your jewellery...if possible..

    I am also having a problme with the top navigation bar (Home; Log In; My Account etc) which flashes at me everytime my cursor comes near's really off putting and made my eyes hurt - don't know if it's a programming issue or's like it's trying to open something?

    Ads, IMHO are a complete no-no if you want to be taken seriously as a professional...I'd either upgrade you site or switch to someone else...

    I hope this is helpful rather than sounding picky...I love your jewellry and you have the basis for a really good website here...

    Good Luck

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      I really like the turquiose background too and the layout.

      Everything is clearly set out and easy to read.

      However, I don't like the idea that I have to log in to buy something (just a personal thing) and also (again a personal thing) I like to be able to see what the postage is upfront, not contact the site owner to see what the postage is gong to be based on weight (or am I reading that wrong)

      You've obviously worked really hard on this and it shows, well done on a good job


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        Thanks for the nice comments

        Will have a re think about the home page then

        the ads are out of my hands as they are part of the hosting package (until I can afford to upgrade to a posher shopfront that is) the same goes for the menu at the top (I think, will look into that as I have never liked it and don't think it's necessary in all honesty!)

        There is a postage costing calculator on there, when you add an item to your cart you get a button to click for postage quotes

        The log in thing is again set by the hosting, I never thought about it before to be honest...

        I am hoping (fc) that I am successful enough for me to be able to pay extra for the site to be upgraded (I can then have pretty much everything I want)

        thanks again

        jan x


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          oh... forgot to say...

          ignore the 'wholesale' stuff! I bought some in before I really decided what I wanted to do with the shop and I am just selling it off now so I can concentrate on the handcrafted items...

          jan x


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            I like the site - nice and easy to navigate, everything easy to read.

            I wanted to have a look at your fairy doors because I hadn't really heard of them before. They took a while to load, but that may be my computer, it does run slow sometimes.

            I would tend to agree with having postage costs upfront. It's much easier to order if you can do it in one easy step and then forget about it.

            I also am not keen on logging in to a site to order.

            All in all though a nice site with some lovely things. Good luck
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