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  • Bath-Bomb.Com
    Hi Ozzie,

    I'll start by saying what I think was nice about your site I love the layout and the background and your left navigation bar is pretty and easy to use and there is an easy logic about the way it all works...

    I think some of the writing is way too big and there is an inconsistency about it - so suddenly on one page the font is small and neatly arranged and on another page (or further down the same page) it suddenly gets huge and bright)...I'd suggest choosing a size, colour and font and sticking with...I'd advise no more than a 10 or 12 for the 'blurb'...

    I don't often say this because I like a site with big pictures but I think yours could be arranged better if they were smaller and were made clickable to a larger image to show details or clickable to a product page with a larger image...

    Just a suggestion for your home page...put the pictures at the top (pictures speak a thousand words) and my pet peeve is a site where the front page is either all writing or mostly writing and I have to scroll down to see the pictures...they say that most visitors know immediately whether they will browse or you have about 10 secs to engage your audience...a bunch of writing that most won't bother to read will lose you lots of visitors I fear...

    I love your stuff btw...really beautiful work...



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  • wendy
    Like the website, Ozzie, nice and easy to naviagate and LOVE some of your stuff - specially the garden things. I like your swirly flowing lines, and the idea of a trellis that looks like your ones is very very tempting. I will be revisiting, hopefully when I can rustle up some money. Heavily overspent at the mo, and more to come!

    The (very slight) negatives I can see: couple of things about the homepage. The font seemed a bit hard on the eye, even though it's quite large. Is it all in bold? If so, might be better in plain, and if it isn't in bold, maybe could it be a bit smaller? Nobody else will probably notice this, and it's a small point, but you go from third person (he does this..) to first person (I do this..) and it jarred a little. All third person or all first person would be better IMO, doesn't really matter which.

    The pics on the homepage are good, kind of makes you want to see more, which is I guess the whole point! I'd be tempted to put them higher up if I were you.

    Brilliant work. Really lovely stuff.

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  • caughtfraught
    started a topic website updated feedback please

    website updated feedback please

    Hi all,
    Ozzie from Fraught iron site updated feedback would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks Ozzie.