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New jewellery website - opinions?

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  • New jewellery website - opinions?

    I have just started my own website after a few years selling on ebay. I also sell at local markets and craft fairs. Would be grateful for any reviews of my site. Thanks. It is called Running Wild Jewellery. Follow my signature or google it.
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    I hate to say this - 'cos I'm supposed to be the grumpy one on this site - but I really like it! No airs & graces, well priced, hope it gets noticed!


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      Nice looking website with clear tabs down the side. I liked the pictures you have incorporated of the coast around where you are based and I particularly like the bit at the bottom of the about us page where you have a 'ask us any questions link'. As a person who has faffed about trying to find a contact us section on many websites, it is nice to see one so prominently displayed.
      The only thing thats jumps out to me is the banner/picture on the home page - is it meant to be all to one side or is it meant to be a banner across the whole page? I only ask because most websites have a banner that goes across the whole page rather than just to one side. I hope you understand what I mean!
      Nice jewellery too!!
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