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  • Website Revamp

    Have spent the last couple of days working on my site, redid all my pics (well only the ones that I actually have the jewellery for, all my gallery items are spread around the globe!). I was trying for a more 'pro' look, so did the white paper treatment on them, they are by no means perfect, but they look better than they did!

    So spent all Wednesday taking pics, and then all yesterday resizing, touching up and then inserting.

    Have also had a bit of a tidy up, added new stuff etc, so if anyone wants to have a wander over and give it a once over, I would appreciate it, if you see any spelling mistakes, broken links etc, then please feel free to point them out, as my brain was getting rather mushy by the end.

    Please be honest, if it stinks then say so, I am trying to get a happy medium between the warm friendly feel and the 'I am seriously needing this to make me some money' feel.

    Also, if anyone wants to link, let me know and I will add you to the links page.

    Ta muchly

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    I think the site looks great, I had a quick look ( will have a good look later ) I have never seen a beaded flower brooch before, really nice! well done