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Should I Tart Up my Soap Pics?

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  • Should I Tart Up my Soap Pics?

    I currently have my soaps on a plain background like this.

    However many handmade soap sites have their soaps against a picturesque background or add accessories such as flowers, soapdishes etc. to the pic.

    I do have various bits of stone wall around like this

    but if the lavender bush is in flower it's not appropriate for anything other than a lavender soap. It's the best one as regards lighting (some are facing in absolutely the wrong direction) but of course it's weather dependant. In addition I don't always have finished soaps available in spring and summer (a bedraggled bush or a pruned one is not a goodly background).

    Natural ingredients are a key point and the colours of the website are greens, yellows and cream.

    Comments welcome.
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    Hi Elaine

    Your soaps are lovely.
    I think for all crafters, our pictures give us a big headache, trying to capture imagination to sell our wares.

    There are many natural props that can be used, pebbles, botanicals, fruits

    A good idea is to look at other peoples sites (you know who they are) - make a note of the pictures you like - then put your own spin on - obviously don't copy the idea.

    At the end of the day - it is your soap you are selling - not a bunch of lavender of a pile of stones - try to get the right balance of adding interest without over shadowing your main objective.

    I might even get it right myself one day!


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      Hi Elaine,

      I might use a lighter background - but thats about it. Personally I quite like things to be kept simple, so that the product for sale is on display - not a nice picture of a beach - when actually it's soap you're buying!

      So no - I don't think you need to redo them, but if you do have a go - try on a higher contrast background (probably not white, but a lighter colour) - probably something not too similar to the soap colour, but not too bright and distracting would be best!

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        hi ya

        I like to see a mixture lol

        Maybe a fancy one for your main front page/categories and then simple ones for each item, as matt said maybe change the background colour.

        Its always a hard call, i've just started using photoshop to edit all mine so that the product sticks out on a white background if that makes sense?

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          I love the pic on the stone, gives that natural earthly feeling. Says back to nature to me!


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            Thanks for the input folks.

            It's awkward finding a background colour 'cos some of the soaps are almost white, others are various cream to fawn/caramel with a few pale pastels, the one above is the about the darkest.

            The stone is fine for eyelevel pics - I'll have to find a suitable box and try some soap pics which have to be taken from above.
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