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  • Looking for a web designer

    I know nothing about websites but I know what I like when looking at them. I have tried to make one myself but it's just not what I want. Does anyone know what kind of prices I will need to pay.

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    Some one recommended Daffodil designs to me and the prices look quite good.

    Of course we have our own lovely Matt Chatterly who might be able to help too.

    It really depends on you budget

    Also Doyourownsite offer a start up package with thiers where they help you get going.



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      The man who designed my web really listened to me and he was very reasonable, but what I like most about it all is I can contact him any time for help..

      Let me know if you would like his details

      Good luck with your new venture


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        My friend is a web designer and would be interested in picking up some craft-web designing work. He did my site. PM me if you would like his details


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          My partner is a web designer. he designed both of my websites and is always looking to expand his portfolio. if you are interested you could Private Message me, he would be willing to help.

          Good Luck!
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            Hi, i can recommend using if you click my link below you can see my site i have done it all myself (with help & tips along the way from forums like this)

            They do a 30 day free trail and if you need any help i dont mind answering any questions (if i can that is) [email protected] is my email

            At least if you do it yourself you can change it as much as you like, when you like.
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              Try using Quick Quotes

              Hi Cardelle,

              cmypitch(dot)com - the social network for entrepreneurs has a Quick Quotes section where you can fill in a form and you get quotes back from people who can build websites for you. Its a free service and no obligation....

              look at cmypitch(dot)com/quickquotes/create/27

              We've partnered with Thomson Local to offer this service - so you can ask thousands of designers/developers using just one form.

              Hope you get a good quote.




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                hi there

                my hubby Paul, designed my website as well as several other businesses.

                He has a special package rate for crafters and will work with you to create the website that you want.

                His bronze package is £50 quid and includes:

                Bronze Starter Pack - £50
                The best value package for the Crafter or Small Business that only needs a professional looking straight forward website.

                Your Package includes -
                up to 5 pages - Full copy written for your site (can be supplied by us or yourself)

                A "" domain name of your choice(if available) -

                Up to 100 Mb storage

                4 Images per page (supplied by customer)

                A custom contact form

                Web site statistics

                Photo Gallery Slideshow (up to 15 photos supplied by customer)

                Submit your site to the top search engines

                his website is

                HTH Vicky xx
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                  Thanks for all the suggestions I have lots to think about.
                  I cant wait to have my own website!