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  • Website feedback anyone?

    I'm looking to revamp my site over the coming weeks and months, and get it out there more. I know theres a fair bit I need to do, but blatantly lots I've not even thought of, so was hoping some of you could have a look at it (see below!) and let me know any thoughts?


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    Very nice, classy. I especialy like the slideshow feature.

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      Oooh yes I like it, very classy!


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        Hi, I think it all looks good too..couldnt think of any changes i`d make sorry! very easy to use site!
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          Hi guys,

          Thanks for the nice comments guys, really kind of you.

          I think partly
          • I know I need to upload lots of new items and am conscious it hasnt been updated properly in a while, and
          • Also am just being self critical of my work - was really hoping i'd get some constructive criticism, that I can use to improve my site!

          I think there's a lot more I could do with it if I had more time/motivation. Have tried to ban myself from buying more materials or making new things, pending work on my site, lol!

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            It's really good!
            In an effort to be able to say anything at all, I would make more of the shop: in the left-hand menu, I would replace "My Online Shop" with simply "Shop" and make it bold. The "My Online" is more personal but hides the shop - I wouldn't have expected to find one on a site like yours. If others have an attention span as short as mine, they may go to the contact page to ask how to buy things from you, so I would make the first line of that page mention the shop with a link. You'd know if that was needed just by getting that sort of message, though - so I'll stop talking ;-)
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              Lovely stuff - I fancy the bangles.

              Just one thing - cut out the technical jargon - e.g. use cabachon not cab, 'cos some folk won't know what you mean and the full word would look more classy.
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                Ooooh, both good points, will set those in motion tomorrow hopefully! Thank you!
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                  I would also move the shop tab to be the first one under your home tab at the moment it is buried amongst other stuff and you could pass by it.

                  Your opening statement says please bookmark me and come back soon, what I really think you want is people to buy stuff not just bookmark you! So maybe think about changing that to a "call to buy" such as "Look no further for wonderful gifts and treats" or " "If you are looking for unique jewellery for yourself or as a gift please browse my shop" and link the word shop to your shop.

                  Also I find that there is too many options about discounts, newsletters, guestbooks on your home page, all of which are great things but it kinda makes you look a bit desperate (sorry not being rude) but you seem to be selling your discounts and newsletters more than selling your wonderful jewellery. I would be tempted to move all that off the home page onto one page and just have one link to it from the homepage saying "for special offers and promotions please click here" or words to that effect.

                  Spend more time telling everyone how fab your designs are or add more pics, this will also help in terms of page ranking.

                  Hope I haven't offended you but at the moment I can see you have put in lots of work to your site, but it also seems that you felt you should use every tab and button Mr Site offered you!

                  Just my opinion..........




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                    Thanks for the help guys, thats really useful. Am in the process of implementing it (eg page order has been redone, and am thinking about how to present the home page) Moving the pages messed up all my links, so thats all sorted now except for the site map [which i've hidden till i sort it out!!!] need to look at the html for that and work out how on earth i did it in the first place, lol

                    Any thoughts on how I should present the bangles page - I dont like that its loads of the same thing over and over again (I'm going to have a rings page soon too, which will be similar) I think it would be better if perhaps I had a drop down menu w the different options (ie stones), perhaps in slightly different price brackets depending on the price of the stones, but I'm not sure what to do about photos as I'd like people to be able to see what they're buying, but I cant possible display them all in one photo as that would be waaaay too messy! what do you think? I dont want to set up the rings page till I've come to a decision about the bangles in case I end up having to redo it all again! :s

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