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  • Website revamp - opinions please

    Hi everyone,

    I've been slaving away at a hot laptop all week and have relaunched my website. I completely scraped it and deleted every page and started again.

    It's a Mr Site and I really didn't like the shop facility so i have replaced this with a gallery and linked to my shops on the descriptions. Do you think this is a good idea or do you think it would be better to do it as a shop??

    Please leave me any comments or typos or other things I have missed. They are very appreciated!!

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    I love your website, great colours and really well laid out ( I love your gift boxes too ).

    Just my personal opinion on the shop thing but I am not too keen on the fact that it sends you off to another site to buy your items.

    Your things are beautiful by the way. x
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      I tend to agree - why go to all the effort of having a website, and then send customers somewhere else to buy? Won't you end up paying commission to someone else too? I also found it a bit confusing - I looked at quite a few things before figuring out that I needed to click on a currency to get any further. Perhaps some idiot-proof instructions on the home page or at least the top page of the gallery would help.

      I do know somebody who did something similar, but rather directing offsite, they simply set up a series of hidden pages, each one of which is a shop page, for the links.

      The overall look is lovely though. Hope it does very well for you.


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        I agree I didn't like the fact that I got sent to another website just to see the price of something. Too long winded and after looking at a couple I got bored. Sorry
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          I think it looks really nice. I like the whole handmade feel about it and it is simple looking which i really like. Too much fuss and i leave.

          I did notice that for some reason it took ages and ages to load up your Etsy shop if you click £GBP (I gave up!), whereas dead quick if you click US Dollar. Maybe someone else could check this for you as you don't want to lose uk customers because they cant reach your shop.

          Hope this helps

          Jo x
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            I am the thicko that didnt realise you clicked the price!

            Really, really beautiful items but I wouldnt have bought anything because the lack of shopping cart put me off, I assumed I had to contact you which is too much hassle for me.

            The whole website is beautiful, you have done a lovely job
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              Very nice layout etc, but I'm sorry but I agree with everyone else about the lack of shopping cart, if I didn't know I would find it very confusing that I am taken to a different site and would be less likely as a customer to buy from your site.

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                I know it is always a hard work to make a website. I like is. Nice work

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                  Thank you!

                  Hi everyone,

                  Thanks for your opinions, I appreciate your honesty.

                  I was really worried about the gallery thing. I just really didn't like the lack of options with the Mr Site shop option. The photos are really small and the writing randomly changes size and font and I hate the inconsistency. Must be the perfectionist in me!

                  I think when my Mr Site expires i will get someone to do a site for me and put a shop facility back on that I can control.

                  Thanks again!! Much appreciated!

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                    Hi, I know you've got the feedback you were after and for what it's worth I agree with what's already been said (really great looking site, but I would be put off by having to click to another site to purchase).

                    But what I'm really posting for is to let you know that the "title" tag on your pictures is used by Firefox in the same way IE uses the alt tag (Firefox does it correctly to use "title" as the little tip that pops up under the cursor). This means that with Firefox, when hovering the mouse over the neckalces page (sorry I can't post links), a large tip is displayed under the cursor with lots of HTML in it.

                    Sorry if you were already aware of this. But really, great looking site.



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                      Originally posted by gigglinggoblin View Post
                      I am the thicko that didnt realise you clicked the price!
                      I didn't either till I read through this thread.

                      I spent ages trying to figure out where to look for the price and the P&P, being honest, like the others, I would've given up too - sorry.

                      The site itself it really lovely though. Nice colours, very easy on the eye and well set out.


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                        Love the 'feel' of the site - love your headline banner, love the font, love the simplicity of the site.

                        I would remove the 'Press' link until you have soemthing to put in there!

                        Also like the gift boxes on the front page. Have been thinking/looking for something similar to box up some of our cards. Couldn't let me know your source could you?

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                          I think the website itself looks great, really nice colours which are easy on the eye, and the pictures of ur prodcuts are clear and very good quality.

                          But same as others have said would be better with shopping cart.

                          I use and they are really easy to use and a good price too. they have a 30 day free trail if that helps.

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                            I adore your webiste! it's so fresh and clean. and your gift boxes are stunning! i really like the layout and your images are nice and big. i think it's a success and you should be so proud! ^_^
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                              Originally posted by sewandsoaps View Post
                              I use and they are really easy to use and a good price too. they have a 30 day free trail if that helps.
                              I think I will probably try that one. I only just heard about it this week. How do you find it?


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