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  • Want to Revamp my Website

    Okay, its a new year and its about time for a new look on my website.

    I have already made a start by taking away almost all (apart from the birthdays) of the pages of models I have made and that do not relate to wedding toppers - I will later add a link that can be taken to another webpage that will show my other work (hopefully this is a good idea).

    I want to have a real go at my links page because its looking a bit worse for wear.

    Just want to ask your advice on a couple of things really... first off:

    My wedding gallery - do you think I should make this into two pages as there is a lot of models on just the one page?


    I am thinking of having large areas on my links page with pictures and write up's for those business that deal with wedding merchandise and I can trust in - of course I would ask for a return link on their webpage <winks>.

    If you can give me any more ideas/suggestions for my website that would be great - and please don't hold back if you feel there is something drastically wrong with it! Just dont make me cry

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