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re-launched website - all feedback welcome!

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  • re-launched website - all feedback welcome!

    Hi everyone,

    After problems with my previous site, I've bought a Mr Site package and have finally finished (I hope) re-building my website.

    I'd welcome any feedback, good or bad, as I find it hard to 'quality check' my own stuff sometimes

    The website is the same address as before -


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    I like it really clear and easy to navigate I like your jewellery too, only one observation is that you have 2 poker chip necklaces listed and they look the same but one is twice as expansive as the other........


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      I really like it too. Jewellery is lovely. Well done.
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        I think its all very nice, looks good and very easy to use.

        if i could give a little feedback opinion the only thing i would say is that i would have prefered the menu ordered a little differently with the jewellery higher up and all the info/about/terms text content etc lower down.

        it just took me a little while to work down through the menu to get to see your lovely stuff. i think if i were buying online i'd like to see the items first then if i liked them (which i'm sure everyone will!) i'd worry about clicking on all the terms/about the designer etc later.

        just my opinion i might be wrong!

        good luck! i hope it goes well - do you have some kind of advertising/promotion strategy for the new site?


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          Looks great, but can I just make one suggestion, maybe you could add some pictures to the home page, but other than that its easy to navigate, clear picture great prices so well done

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            I like the site it was easy to navigate but think you have too many colours going on it is a little distracting. But that may just be me.
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              Yeah i think hte green background doesnt quite match the other colours. Maybe a pale pink back ground?
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                Thanks for all the replies so far.

                The main thing is, everyone can ssee it - those who remember my previous site may recall that unless you were on IE6 browser all you saw was a blank page and loads of red 'x's!

                I'll try to address individual queries & observations (and it'll help me compile a 'to do' list)

                debsjeans - I see what you're saying about the colours, I need to have a think about whether to tone it down or not, I've just about started to get a bit of a reputation for my jewellery being brightly/multi coloured, so I think I went a bit mad with colour on the site maybe!?

                Trixie - good idea about pics on the homepage - thanks

                elzi - I'd forgotten to re-order the navigation - DOH!! Although you don't need to work through each page to reach the next, you can just click around onto any page in any order. Marketing strategy - other than as much free advertising on social networking sites / via friends as I can muster up, I'm going to try to get an article in the local rag about the workshops i do and just keep handing out cards to anyone who stands still for long enough!

                hdflred - well spotted, I've uploaded the same pic for both, the second one is a single red poker chip with no other beads, hence the cheaper price.

                handcrafted - GREEN???? Which part of the background is showing as green? It should be very dark grey in the middle, with pale yellow / cream on the edges. It shows as this on my PC, could other peeps let me know if it's showing as green on theirs as I didn't want green I 'm not a big fan of the colour!

                Thanks also to everyone for taking a look and for the compliments (I'm smiling a lot now )

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                  Hi I like your new site, easy to navigate.
                  Just a personal preference,but I noticed the majority of your items have a white background. Have you thought about using different colour backgrounds, to highlight and complement the colours in the item you are showing.

                  Just a thought !!!



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                    a really lovely site, well done.

                    The 'green' background is perhaps the yellow bit, it kind of does look a bit greenish against the pinks at first glance - this is the main thing I would change, either to the same dark grey, white, or a very pale pink - it doesnt seem quite right to my eyes against the pinks.

                    I personally think you should leave the items against white backgrounds to keep it looking professional.

                    One thing I have noticed - a lot of the products have a drop down option containing gift boxed which adds a bit to the price - this is great but once you've selected gift boxed you cant change your mind as theres no option to go back to just the organza bag. I think each drop down should contain both options. It also doesnt always show that you've selected a gift box option when its in the cart (Polymer Clay butterfly neckwire for example) so the customer may be concerned about this bit. Then when you click continue shopping, the page you were on still shows the 'gift boxed' price for the items chosen, so what if you want a second one in a bag?

                    That wasnt critisism, just very helpful advice hopefully! I used to be a software developer and was always the best in the department when it came to software testing for bugs!

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                      Lovely site, very reasonably priced items. I like the professional white background on the photos.

                      When I tried to read "about the designer" the pink writing on black background did hurt my eyes a little bit, but I think that is just my sensitive eyes.

                      All looks very professional.
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                        Thanks again for the feedback I'm not one for taking any kind of constructive criticism to heart, and I'd rather the bugs are ironed out sooner than later too!

                        I didn't realise you couldn't unselect gift boxed after choosing it, i'll have to add another option to the menu I think.

                        I'll look into why it's not always showing the the shopping cart too, that is a bit worrying.

                        I did wonder if the bright pink writing would be too 'glary' on screen, but as it's one of my fave colours & I couldn't find another option I liked I though I would chance it I'll maybe have a play about with a few other colours.

                        Def. keeping the white background on the images as I think it ties everything together nicely, all different colours might look a bit too mad!

                        Now I see what people mean about the green / yellow, maybe I'll try (more) pink

                        At least I've got my to do list in 1 place on here now so I can sit down and make all of the changes this weekend.

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