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Website revamped - feedback please?

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  • Website revamped - feedback please?

    I've just done some sorting and tidying up of the website so all feedback would be welcomed please.

    I need to sort out a 'paid' subscription for the website so that I get rid of the google ads but other than that I think everything's done.


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    Had a quick look and it all seems pretty clear and easy to navigate, my only comment would be a few more photos would be nice, esp of the candles even if just as examples.

    Your keepsake cards look really lovely!


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      Looking good

      I've never had the patience for keepsake cards - yours look fabulous.

      Hope you don't mind me mentioning that the wording on the Keepsake Card page is a bit squashed.

      Well Done on the site


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        I'm hoping that hubby will sort me out lots of photos of the candles over the weekend so that I can get it updated and lots added as I felt that both the candles and greetings cards pages are lacking photos.

        Thank you for your lovely comments on my keepsake cards

        I have been having problems this evening with the spacing of the text, thought I'd sorted it but must have missed that one - off to sort it now!!

        Thank you

        LJ xxx


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          If your thinking of paying for hosting, maybe buy a domain or look around as lots of companies now offer a free web domain with hosting packages.

          Make your site easier to access then without needing to remember

          could be




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            Great site

            Love the site you have designed the colour combinations work well together.

            My only comment and please this isnt meant in a mean way ~ is that it would be nice to break the writing up with a few images, not necessarily big ones just something that would break up the writing (could even be a "ding" paragraph separator).

            But it is a great site and easy to navigate.
            Take care






            (A photographic website that I sort of manage)


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              Looks great. Love the cards.



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                Thanks for the comments and feedback on our site.

                At the moment I'm seriously considering deleting the entire content of our site and starting again as there are a few aspects that I'm not very happy with... mainly the text but other issues too.

                I've been considering adding Roman Cart to my site... does anyone know if this is easy to do?


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                  I don't know how expert you are with adding shopping carts but I've always found the guys at romancart very helpful. They also have a support forum I think although I've never really needed to go on there. I've put it on two sites (not my own) without any issues.


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                    Its frustrating to get a website how you want it - I'm working on mine at the moment but its very time consuming and many a time I'm running out the room screaming... arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (well in my head I am) lol.

                    Have to agree with others in the case of more pictures to be honest - you know how us women love to see pictures.

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