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    Hello everyone.

    I started a new web site about a month ago selling counted bead work card kits. I would love to have more people take a look at it and tell me what they think of my kits.

    I started designing and making counted beadwork cards about a year ago, I soon had quite a lot of designs so I made them into kits. I've just had an order for sixty of them from a local craft shop which I'm really pleased about, but I would prefer to sell them off my web site. I can't find anything like them anywhere else so I think they may be quite unique.

    The range covers all different occasions including birthdays, weddings, new baby, Christmas, anniversaries and more.

    You can see them on my UK easybeads web site
    Thanks a lot


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    Well I for one think your kits are stunning!
    I have never seen anything like them. I think they will really appeal to lovers of cross stich.
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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      Thank you for your kind words they are much appreciated.
      You've made me think that I should maybe advertise in a cross stitch mag, rather than the general craft mag that I tried this month.


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        Advertising takes so long to bring things to fruition. We all expect to advertise and have everyone running to their door. Unfortunatly it does take time and indeed unless someone is actually looking for something, then they probably skip over the adds, I know I do!!
        I do think though, that the cross stitch mag would be a good start. Also get out to as many craft venues as possible and so that the idea gets seen. It might also be an idea to see if you can get some craft / sewing stores to stock them. As long as you have your webstore details on the packaging, you are likely to get repeat buyers coming direct to you!
        Good luck
        full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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          I agree with you about the advertising. I paid for a website advert in Craft Beautiful which has proved to be a waste of money. One local craft shop has already bought sixty of my kits which is fantastic. Another is interested but won't pay me enough, I'm still hopeful that I can get a better price from them. It looks like this may be the best way for me to sell although I would love to do craft fairs in the future.


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            I advertise in a couple of craft magazines and I think it is very true what BeadsByDesign says about it taking a long time. I thought I would put in my first advert and everyone would be breaking down my website door..but it is a slow burn process. I see advertising now as a PR exercise, it is getting my company name infront of people eyes. If I get sales great, they are starting to come in now, but my company name is slowly edging into peoples minds.
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              Hello there,
              These kits look great - I wish you lots of luck with them.

              Thanks for all this discussion about advertising everyone, I'm just in the process of deciding how to get my name out there amongst crafters. I'd been trying to avoid advertising directly due to expense but I'd got to the stage where I was feeling like it was the obvious way - so thank you for the perspective!!
              Try a new way every day and work becomes play!