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    I have just started my own business and I'd love to tell you all about it.

    I make Keepsake Letters, Certificates and Cards. I want the letters and certificates side of my business to be the most productive. I think it has particular appeal for those with loved ones in the forces or who live far away. I add a special touch to every one, which makes it something more than just a letter. There are many people out there who want to say something but can never find the right words to say it. I have been told many times I have a gift with words, but I will let you decide that for yourself.

    Can everyone please take a look at my web site, and tell all your friends about my business?

    Response I have had from customers so far has been wonderful. Everyone has been really supportive. I have done the web site and everything completely on my own, so if there are any experts out there who can offer constructive criticism, that will also be appreciated!

    Please take a look, and then drop me a line, even if it's only to tell me what you think. There's a guestbook on the site too, so messages will be welcome there also. If you read the ‘About Me’ section, you will understand why I am so proud of what I have achieved in such a short time, and also why I am keen to gain as much feedback as possible.
    Thanks Heaps, and again, All the best for the New Year
    love B x
    Your Special Memory is just a click away