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  • - online shopping basket coming soon!

    Hello everyone

    We are upgrading our site to provide online shopping basket facilities (currently orders have to be placed by email).

    We would welcome comments regarding content, ease of use etc.

    Our biggest dilemma is P&P. Currently we show a price including P&P, so there is no nasty surprise at checkout. We feel it is fairer, as you don't want to pay £4.95 P&P if you are buying a 99p item!

    What do you think? do you think this is the fairest way?

    All comments welcome! :lol:
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    It is up to you.....

    Sites I have worked on I have adopted showing the user the cost of P&P in the product description, high lighter!... then the cost of the product and at the checkout it calculats the total amount...

    Most people can add £4.95 on the a product themselves....

    The bigest problem i've had is explain to US customers that the prices are in £ not $....

    Just my Opinoin...

    hope it helps..

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      Hi there

      I have a little table on the right hand side of my catalogue page which gives clients an idea of what the postage and packaging charges are going to be - This seems to work out OK

      Hope that helps a bit

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