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  • Do you use website traffic stats?

    Hi, I wondered if any of you use these websites that tell you all your traffic statistics to your own website? I have only just heard about them, are they worthwhile & which ones do you use, I believe there are some free ones out there?


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    I pretty pointless having a website without using stats as you can't know how many people are visiting your site and if you site works..

    It a bit like having a shop and never seeing the customers

    Google has a great free system:

    I spend most of my life looking a web stats to improve how a website works.. On many stats packages like the google one above you can add what are called goals.. Once you have input data your be able to see ROI (return in investment) regarding advertising etc...

    Hope that helps a little..

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      I have got a stats thing that came with my website but its very difficult to understand all the data for a not very technical minded person like me! I just want to know if they are new visitors & where they are coming from all not the total Kbytes & stuff. I wondered if the ones you can add to your site are any good?


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        I am one of those boring people who judge my sales not statistics, I think having worked in the accounts field for 20+ years I am now allergic to stats.
        On a serious note they do have a part to play in a business it just depends how far you want to take it. Do you want more traffic to your site? if so try blogging (free) and linking with other website owners, particularly if their product compliments yours.


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          I am also not that interested in all the technical stats, but do use Google Analytics, as can provide some of the basics, such as where your visitors came from and how they found your site etc... I think it's a great free tool.



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            My hubby installed sales-n-stats for my website, I am not sure how great it is (but it is free!) and at least i can look and see if people have been visiting the website and what they have looked at.


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              Thanks for that. I am already pleased with the amount of traffic my website gets thats why I wanted to find out how, just being nosey really seeing who they are! I have just started a blog but not really sure what to do with it! I have admired other peoples blogs but never left comments or added them to my list, is it OK to do that if you dont know the person personally? I dont want to get the etiquitte (cant spell that one!) wrong? I have just tried to add the Google thing but not convinced I have done it correctly, will wait & see........




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                You can email the owner of the blog and ask if you can exchange links, most bloggers are willing to do this and add their website if they have one. Please leave comments as most bloggers again like this. If you take a look at mine you will see the web links, blog links and the followers. It all helps each others possible sales and promotion of your business.
                Because I do show & tell Monday with an American Women's forum this encourages me to do something new every week. We visit each other's blogs and leave comments, they are all classed as friends now as we have got to know eahc other and our trade quite well over the months.


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                  Hi Caz

                  You should have log files with your hosting package, also known as AWSTATS they wont need any kind of setting up by yourself and will most likely give you a good start to the information you require, such as how many unique visitors are coming to your site each day/week/month, how long they stay, what keywords you are getting picked up for, what page people are entering your site on and what page they leave on. There are other stats packages out there like google analytics, which are simple to understand and provide other kinds of useful information, but i would start with the awstats if you can get them and familiarise yourself with what they mean, then when you are ready to use the information to promote your site you can start to look at google analytics.
                  Hope this helps.


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                    This is the stats I use simple to install (a bit of code) and quite easy to understand. Stats are very important especially if you compare it them sales / downloads..... its as important to see where people aren't coming from as from where they are :-) Also which keywords you are being found under on the serarch engines, which search engines and again, which not.
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                      I used to use statcounter but not any more. It is good to know about your customers but I too feel that sales count and not how many people visit your site. They really aren't linked as it takes the right person one visit to buy, but you do need to be having a fair few hits per day of course.
                      I would perhaps install a counter for a couple of months so you can analyse what key words are getting to you and how long those people then stay on your site (ie that you are getting people for the right products you sell) but then ditch it-it is time comsuming and the time spent looking on who visits could be more usefully spent on other business stuff - I haven't had mine now for about 4 months and haven't lost out on sales


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                        I use stat counter too. It's free till 500 page views, but mine is now 3 times that and is still working I'm addicted to it! It's the first thing I check when I turn on my PC (how very sad). Once you get the hang of it, its so interesting. Amazing where you get hits from. One of my blog posts was recently added to a Finnish and a German forum and wow! the hits shot up.
                        I agree that without something like this, you may as well just write in a diary, you need to know people are out there and reading!