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Blogging, links, sales and feedback - please :)

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  • Blogging, links, sales and feedback - please :)

    I've been working on my blog (it's very very pink - be warned!)
    Hopefully whilst there is jewellery info on it ~ like
    "How to make diamonds out of your dead relatives"
    it's of interest to the non- crafter too.

    Could you let me know what you think please?
    Could I get away with some of my "creations" pictures
    (without making it too salesy?)

    If you like it would you be kind enough to rate it (link in the top right
    corner) it will enable people to find me more as it increases rankings in
    the blog directory.. Worth joining if you have a blog...

    or if there's an article you like, & you're a blogger -
    commenting on it will enable googles spiders to follow your
    comment back to your own blog, coolio eh?
    If anyone wants to get the code for this I can PM it to you

    Also tips for other Bloggers
    There's also a blue box entitled "BLOG MAD" (right hand nav bar)
    if you have a blog and want to promo it for free there's a system
    where you browse others blogs and they browse yours on a
    one4one exchange (which is quite good for intro-ing others to your
    goodies) If you click on the BLOG MAD logo it will take you to the
    site where you can join...

    Thanks for taking the time to look
    Nic xxx

    Edit: Just realised there's a blog section - if this should be there please feel free to move it - sorry...
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