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  • I think I've bo****d it

    I've just put my website up but it does not seem right to me, mind you my head is up my proverbial posterior.
    I've had 4 recent family deaths 2 by their own hand the last this weekend and at the moment i dont know left from right, I cant write descriptions to save my life and I think I cant see the woods for the trees with the site eek.....

    the url is its not active to buy from yet err i think !

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    Its gorgeous! Its realy good im very impressed. Sorry to hear about your loss.
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      Oh poor you!

      I like your page. It's nicely laid out, and i think your title banner is very fancy and sparkly.
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        You have a way with words!! Just had a look (not that I have a website so for what its worth) and I think it is a little too busy on the home page. Perhaps you could move some stuff so that it is a bit clearer? Sorry to hear about all the awful stuff going on around you.


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          I like it, I think from what you are saying about how where you are at the moment, it would be best to step back, just for a bit and let it run as it is. Calm down and then take another look in a month. Websites are an ongoing project and we all tweek ours periodically.

          Don't worry at the moment it is lovely.


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            I think your home page is a bit busy too but I think all you need to do is increase the size of font for your text. There are a lot of silver surfers out there whose eyesight aint what it used to be!!!

            I clicked on your broom thing and the text runs off the screen on that page.

            You have done great and considering what you have been through it is excellent.



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              I like the style of your site but I would loose the top bar of links as they are already down the side. Also I don't think you need the dictionary style explanations on there. it makes it look fussy.

              The logo seems to be a link to nowhere.

              I clicked on "Fairy babies " and expected little baby fairys maybe a slight name change on that one.

              sorry to be critical but you asked.

              I love the colours and the logo is fab.
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                Originally posted by candles by lisa View Post
                There are a lot of silver surfers out there whose eyesight aint what it used to be!!!
                Who said that?


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                  I like it!! Ditto the above - make the text bigger and perhaps change the font to something a little more soothing!

                  I would like to see an 'about me' page - so I know who I am buying from and how they got there - or is just me being a nosy git?!!

                  But really, there is nothing wrong with the site - just a bit of tweaking and tarting up and it will be fab! Take some time away from it for a bit to get your head together as it sounds like you've been through a lot recently. And then you will see it all with fresh eyes.


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                    I like it - it's about time we had smaller suppliers to the pagan market than the '1001 things to do with a goat' sites.


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                      I love it!! again font size makes I struggle and I am very, very, young

                      As Tip Top said an "about me" would be nice too.

                      I find that the about me bit helps me as a consumer. I like to find out where the love for the work comes from and an have an insight to where inspirations come from etc.

                      ie if I was to describe the fragrance of Freisha I could say;

                      "The smell of Freshias always reminds me of my nans garden in Wales, in the spring. When I was a little girl, bringing me a sense of Childhood naustalgia."

                      Putting some depth into your products.

                      I am just rambling now and going off down memory lane

                      *hugs* to you at this hard time x x x x
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                        Sorry to hear your sad news...don't worry too much about your website, you have enough on your plate at the moment, and as has been already mentioned, websites are an ongoing problem that need tweeking regularly....I love the way the name appears and the burst of fairy cool...but I agree that the general text could do with being a bit bigger. Good luck with it.

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                          So sorry to hear of all the sadness in your family.
                          I love the colours and the banner. As the others have said I would loose the dictionary references from the home page and maybe put them on a new 'about me' page instead.
                          I know you will probably add more items to your sections but I would prefer to see most of the soaps on one or two pages rather then only one or two on each page it seems to be a lot of unnecessary clicking to me just to look at a few items.
                          The pages load quite quickly though and it all seems very clear and I like the new products section on the right, very tempting as you are going through. I also love your felted soaps, I'd like to see them in different fragrances.



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                            Sorry to hear that life is being just a bit horrible at the moment. But your website is gorgeous - I've bookmarked it for later. Lots of birthdays coming up.......



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                              I like your website, especially the colour scheme & it's very easy to navigate. Sorry to hear about your family's losses.

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