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  • My new web site

    Hi, I finally have got my site off the ground after losing my job of 21 years (House Builders). It is in no way way complete and I am working on it daily. Any comments good or bad are welcome. I Tried to keep it simple and colourful as you will see. Here is hoping it will become an earner for me because it's proving hard to find an alternative job at the moment. Old & New.

    Thank you for your time.
    Julie & Mick

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    Hi there & sorry to hear about your job loss. The site was easy to navigate & everything was working fine for me, only thing I'm not sure of are the colours, black can sometimes be a bit offputting, have to see what the others say. Good luck with the new venture, keep us posted.
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      Hi SherrieLinda, I agree about the black background and have changed it to match the blue I had on the home page. It does look more welcoming. Thanks
      Julie & Mick

      Portraits in pastels by Julie


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        Sorry to hear about your job but remember as one door closes another one opens! I love your site and its good that you are positive, keep up the good work.


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          Hiya I liked your site, it's an unusual one with having all kinds of different products on there, but I think it's good and a handy place for people to turn to for gifts especially before Christmas when shopping is a priority!

          The only thing I'd say is that the font is a bit all over the place, I think it may look a bit neater if it was all the same colour, maybe a more classic style font. This makes it look more professional (in my humble opinion )

          Good luck with it though, I really hope it works out well

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            What do you think now

            Thanks for the input. I have taken your advice and I have altered my site. It does look good to me, I wonder what you think now. Please take a look and leave your opinion. Be honest I can take it.

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            Julie & Mick

            Portraits in pastels by Julie


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              Looks great but....

              it's too wide. Customers don't like to navigate websites when the have to scroll across as well as up and down. Try viewing the website using a lower resolution monitor.

              Other than that, it's great.

              Hope it all goes well for you.
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                Thanks for that advice, I have just spent an hour and half altering it to fit 1024 x 768 but its actually about 980 pixels wide and it fits on screen a lot better now.
                Julie & Mick

                Portraits in pastels by Julie


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                  Hi All, I have gone one step further and bought some new software and completely re-done my site. I am pleased with it so far but would appreciate your honest opinions.
                  Julie & Mick

                  Portraits in pastels by Julie


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                    Looks good - very easy on the eye and easy to navigate. One little thing - on your 'Musical Items' section, you've spelled vinyl wrong.

                    Good luck, here's hoping it's the start of good things for you.

                    A mind is like a only functions when open


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                      Thanks alot Pagan. Glad you like what I have done. No matter how many ways you spell a word sometimes it allways looks wrong.
                      Julie & Mick

                      Portraits in pastels by Julie


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                        I know the feeling - I got stuck on 'who' once

                        A mind is like a only functions when open


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                          Hello Julie - I am also sorry to hear about your job loss - good luck with your online business though.

                          I'm going to be so honest here and that may not go down well but constructive is my aim plus i want you to do well with all that you do.

                          When you build a website it is always good to consider your market and you will have seen those telly shows where people do up houses to sell on but get stuck because they do the house up to suite their personal taste rather than considering what their market might appreciate - so turqoise walls and pink lighshades don't sell.

                          When i look at a site i want to see the product and I am struggling to see what your home page product is because the background obscures the eye and is making the text colour very hard to read in places.

                          You have just a few seconds to keep your customer, if they can't find what they need or they can't work out what your site is about immediately they leave - thats a lost sale. A plain white background is far easier on the eye and both text and images sit well on a plain background. It may look bland to start off with and quite bright but once the text and images are added and a header with an image then you have the basis for a clear site -

                          I am looking at your beautiful cards but the background just distracts me - i am not seeing those images as well as i could be seeing them - i have good eye sight BUT for anyone who's eye site is deteriorating the pattern may make it very hard for them to focus - lost customer.

                          If you do want to have a coloured background make it as neutral as you can - if you walked into a shop on your highstreet and it had the same wallpaper on its walls as your site has on its background what would you feel? Would you consider it a relaxing place to be? Possibly if you was a teen it may appeal but i suspect that your customers are an older market?

                          If you can try to get all of your images the same size and if possible with the same background.

                          The site is currently illegal as far as Trading Standards is concerned and you need to read the DTI website on distance selling rules. You have registered the domain as a non- trading individual and so you address is not visible - that is illegal in trading terms and i would not send you £350 or even £10 because you could be some con man who takes my money and sends me nothing. I am not sure how sound it is to be registered as a non- trading individual with whois so you need to look at that too -

                          One other observation - i hit your ebay button - oops i got distracted and left your site and found fimo somewhere else cheaper - i didn't really but i suspect that many might

                          I,m going to stop there for fear of appearing critical when that isn't my intention. I am currently working on a new website which will help you out a little i think - when its done - i will come and PM the link to you.

                          There are other issues with the site at the moment but all websites have to grow and flourish and rome wasn't built in a day -

                          Good luck!


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                            I have just had a look at your work on your other sites - beautiful!!!! I love your fairies.


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                              Hi Julie
                              Sorry to hear about your job loss, fingers crossed your on-line venture will be successful.
                              On to the website . Hope you don't mind me being honest.
                              The first problem you have is the structure, the search engines will come to your site look at it, its then their job to categorise it to make sure the content they are providing is relevant. They will look at your site and say ok its about craft supplies, no its about music and instruments, doh no its about PC hardware and software. What Im trying to say is if you want to sell online you would be better having one site for art and craft another for pc hardware/software and yet another one for music. You can lump certain things together, that are craft related, which is fine, but the structure as it stands wont do as well as it could with the changes.
                              You need to sort out your meta tags as you dont have a description or keywords, which aren't so important anymore, but every little helps as they say.
                              Clean up your code if you can you have loads of
                              <P class="Normal-P"><span class="Normal-C3">&nbsp;</span></P>
                              all that line of code does is make a gap between lines i.e. text or images
                              and can all be removed so the code isnt so bloated and will load much quicker
                              and make the search engines happier in turn.
                              Your navigation is invisible in i.e. 6 which accounts for 22.3% of
                              of all web users last month. (anyone with i.e.6 cant use your site.
                              Not sure if you built the site yourself, but if you did you can put the javascript into
                              a .js file which will also take a load of code from loading with each page.

                              Hope this all makes sense. Sorry if its not what you wanted to hear, just ignore my ramblings.

                              Good Luck