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  • My new site is up

    Your comments would be appriecated, I still have some tweeking to do but getting there.

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    Hi Caroline, I had a look at your site. Well impressed. Everything works fine. Spotted a bit of HTML showing at top of pages but thats easy to put right. Apart from that what can I say but well done. Sorry you had to wait so long for a reply but I was just checking to see if anyone had looked at my site and spotted the 0 next to yours. Best of luck with your site. Michel
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      I thought it was a really beautiful site - really easy on the eye - one of my pet peeves is those garish eye-boiling sites.

      The only negative I have is the music - when I clicked you link to go to the site my computer asked me if i wanted to allow the site access. I think it's because of the music and I almost clicked 'Don't Allow' - I think that this might put people off accessing the site.

      Hope this helps

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        Hi - like the site, but I too agree with the comment about the music. It actually irritates me when there is music on a site and particularly as when you switch yours off and then go to another page it starts again. I think your site would be fine without it - it put me off looking too closely at what looks an interesting site. Good luck with it.


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          I like it Caroline - it's very pleasing on the eye - nothing really jumps out at you (I hate it when things pop out at you lol). I like the static pics too

          Well done, and good luck with the site

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            What a lovely site, and you have some really beautiful stuff on there too.

            Jo x
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              Good website.

              Easy navigation, easy to read - all in all, user friendly.

              Hope you do well with your sales

              Good luck
              Take care

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                Great site like the design, just need to adjust the navigation css slightly so it sits all on one line and add an xml sitemap.
                Try and just type in your url, think you only have 37 pages and it allows you 500 for the free version so you are fine.
                Then create an account with and validate your sitemap.
                If you get stuck let me know.



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                  Thank you all for your comments.

                  Hi Michel - the HTML has now been removed the verification ended being posted to the header instead of the site inspector a thread yesterday pointed me in the right direction.

                  Hi Bath-Bomb and Ifor Jones the music was an experiment that I agree did not work this has now been removed.

                  Thank you Pagan, Jo and Goldieab it is appreciated.

                  Hi floobynooby, when you say navigation is this the pages listed at the top, unfortunately I cannot always fit it on one line seems to only have a limited number of spaces. I use Sandvox templates so not sure I can change these. Have already done the google account and been verified yesterday. I was having problems with the sitemap thing but thank you for your help have done all the necessary and this is now pending with google.

                  Thank you for all your comments and help it is appreciated, I found the comments helpful and constructive not destructive, I am always willing to learn.


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                    Love the site, very pretty colours and the banner is beautiful. The pics came upo quickly and very easy to navigate. Well done.



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