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  • Site feedback!!

    Hello gang, not been on here for ages..... anyway, a little feedback would be great, I'm not the worlds hottest when it comes to grammar. I'm intereasted mainly on my sites navigation, is it easy??

    Many thanks

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    Hi chassisbot
    I am no expert on websites and I haven't had a real good look at your website but the first thing that struck me was the print on the dark back ground. I like the dark background but the orange print makes it hard for me to read it. Ok I guess I should have had my glasses on but I found the yellow much easier to read on your contents column. I might add I don't normally use my glasses on the computer so I would find that quite annoying that if I wanted to read through everything you had written I would have to go and get them. Other wise initially looking at your website, it looks very professional.
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      I found the site very easy to navigate, it clearly showed all your products. The only negative thing I can say about it, is that the candle making tutorials would be better if accompanied by photos. Apart from that, great site, and I wish you all the best for the future.

      Jo x
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        I like your site, the navigation is really good but I find the orange text a bit hard to read on the dark background. Maybe if it were a bit more bold it would stand out more? otherwise, it's great, let us know how you get on

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          Your site is nice and easy to navigate, but I agree with the others about the writing on the dark background, it isn't all that easy to look at.

          There is 1 spelling error on your first paragraph on the home page (buisness instead of business), and I alsothink that it would be good to elaborate on the 'design team' area, as there isn't really much information about you (I'm nosey you see )

          Otherwise the site is well laid out and easy to use, and your candles, well they are WOW gorgeous!!!

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            I thought your site was really well presented and easy to navigate, the only thing I was not sure on was the cartoon character headbutting, I think, the computer keyboard on the design team page. Apart from that superb. Well done
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              I like your website its very well designed. You must be good at web designing. Have you done it with FTP? How did you do the header with the flickering candles?

              I like the way you have linked to ebay as well .

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                Your website is nice and easy to navigate, candles are beautiful



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                  I found your site easy to navigate, I just found because of the marbled background for the menu on the left hand side I found it sometimes difficult to read, or find what I was looking for. You have such a vast array of fragrances!!
                  My only problem was this one:

                  Sea Glass
                  A lovely fresh marine blend of ozone and soft florals with a hint of sweet citrus

                  More because of the ozone in the description. Maybe its because I work in science I think of ozone as a toxic gas which apparently has a pungent odour. Could you possibly describe it as just a marine smell or seaside or something! I'm sure it doesn't smell as bad as O3 would in a lab!

                  I think you have done a good job on your website. I agree with Jo about the need for a few piccys in your tutorials.

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                    What a Lovely site, the only problem I have is with the main page font in yellow, the yellow on the black looks lovely, I could of done with it being a size bigger. As the contrast yellow to black, then in italics, it kind of mingles together as there is alot of yellow, But i think we all view screens differently due to eye strain, headaches, etc.

                    certainly a lovely site with lovely candles


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                      Hi. Your site is fine to navigate and I've bookmarked you because I only ever buy beeswax candles! The only problem I had was reading the text on the dark background. Otherwise, a great site with some lovely products!
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                        Hiya can you see me waving from Monk Bretton in Barnsley?
                        It's looking good - I agree you need more about you on there too. Legally your address should be on as well. I think it would look more professional if you had an email address to match the domain- it should be easy to set up. Navigation is good but i found the menus way too long - could you have 4 top level menus (candles. Supplies, Aromatherapy, Spiritual) and then have the items as sub menus of these? Gawd hope this doesn't come across as harsh - it's not intended to be honest .It's obvious you have spent so much time on it and I just think with a few tweaks it will be top notch
                        Chris xx
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                          Many thanks for the comments. I will be implementing some of the suggestions namely brightening the text.

                          Ric XX

                          HELLO MONK BRETTON!!


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                            I am no expert on websites but I do know that your products look absolutely gorgeous! I think the next time I visit it will be to order.


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                              Works really well - impressive. I love the candle flicker. Only suggestion/observation I have is that the banner/header graphics on some pages take a few moments to load. Although not a real problem, in this world of 'instant' and 'now' you might want to think about a simple / small (in bytes) image which is then overwritten by the larger (in bytes) graphic.
                              Best wishes