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  • Please have a look and tell me what you think

    As you may or may not already be aware, we have been working on our site quite significantly over the last few months and having taken into account the varying feedback, criticisms and comments we have been receiving, we have made quite a few changes to our site which we would like you to look at and let us know your views.

    Since we last asked for opinions (around a month ago), we have made the following changes:

    * New centralised website layout - the previous layout sat too far to the left of the screen

    * The floating butterflies in the background have been removed - we were advised this was an unwelcome distraction

    * Background music has been removed from all pages except our guestbook, again we were advised that many visitors simply closed the site as music on this sort of site is not welcomed

    * We now have a monthly prize draw section

    * New forum and atc swap area - an area for crafters to share hints and tips (this is not an attempt to copy or immitate any other forum, simply an additional resource for crafters who are not registered on bigger forums)

    * Slideshows have been replaced by static images in our gallery

    All feedback is welcomed together with and advice or ideas you feel may be useful. Thank you
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    Hi Laura,
    I've had a good look around your site and it is very easy to follow and understand. The only thing I would add is more photos of your cards and candles, to really show people what you can do...from my experience people tend to respond more readily to the pictoral rather than the written word (apparently our brains digest and react to them instantly whereas they have to work harder with words so it takes longer).
    Well done with all your hard work, its a great site, I hope you get loads of orders.
    Jo x
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      Hi Jo,

      Thank you for your fantastic feedback on our site... I have loads of cards which have still to be photographed to be added to the site, something which I'm hoping to get done today, I definitely agree that more pictures is a must!

      Laura x


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        yes, you need images


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          Originally posted by gypsypunk View Post
          yes, you need images
          The 'Gallery of our work' already shows a selection of our work although there is a great deal more to be added.


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            I have just been looking at your site and all of your craftwork is truly lovely!!

            I had to have a good look for the price of your cards. The first button I went to was the 'order and price' one but did not find costings there - I did find it later on when I clicked on the card button.

            Apart from that everything looks good to me.

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              A really professional looking site but with a welcoming, personal touch. I found it easy to navigate and thought the gallery was brilliant

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                Thanks for your comments... I'll have a look at making the pricing clearer.

                Jayne you should have an email


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                  I'm a piccie person too. Would you consider putting a couple of small ones either side of your Title? Your gallery is lovely but a few on your card page too would look lovely, even if they're little pictures alongside the prices...your duck egg cards are superb
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                    Thank you Nettie... we have so many more images to be added that at the moment we're just in the process of what is going to look best and where but you can be rest assured that there are lots more piccies to come


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                      I like it too! Brill idea for the forum/ATC swap - I'm sure that'll be very popular!

                      Good on you for listening to advice - not always an easy thing to do.

                      Hope the new look brings you lots of success!!

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