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  • Updted Website - Opinions Please

    As some of you know I've been working on updating my website, I've now done the majority of it and would like everyone's honest opinions and feedback please...

    We have a guestbook on the website where you can leave your comments, or if you'd rather leave feedback here if you'd like to.

    Thanks for looking.

    Laura x

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    Hiya, I've had a squint at your website and to be honest, I found it a bit..........imposing. The pictures leap at you (and made me jump lol)which I found a bit disconcerting. The little butterflies were a bit distracting and the whole site seemed to sit to the left-hand side of my window.

    But.........I did like the sections, I think they're very clear and a good selection. I personally prefer to see static pictures that I can click on to see more detail - I have a short attention span and like to scan loads of images at once..........but that's just me. I'm sure you'll get different opinions from different folk


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      I do like the look of your site but, as Pagan said, it does all sit to the left of the screen also, everything took ages to load and the screen kept freezing but that may be my computer (lol). Overall, I really love the feel of your site, it's really warm and welcoming

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        I agree with the above! Lovely site and lovely items, but the gallery took a while to load (I jumped ahead rather than wait for it at first) and when it does load it is very bewildering with all the moving images. Might be better to have static images for the gallery? I liked the moving image for the mosaic box though, although it could do with being slower - I like to take my time looking at something, maybe the speed could be slowed a little?
        Hope this helps!
        Cathy xx
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          Loved the web site and was impressed by the play list, my only complaint would be that it did appear to be to the left of the screen and images where slow to load. Failing that very nicely laid out and easy to navigate and understand
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            Thatnks for everyone's comments... I'm in the process of setting up a new gallery with static images which can then be clicked on to enlarge so I'll let you know when that's up and running.

            With regards to everything sitting to the left of the screen this is the website template itself so it looks like I'm going to have to change the website template to get it all more central to the screen.

            Loading speed isn't something that I've had a problem with, so I'm not really sure what to do about it... hopefully once I get rid of the slideshows and alter the images that might sort it all out.

            Thanks for all your feedback.


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              Lovely site but Im not really a fan of the music.


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                I've now updated our product gallery to show static photographs instead of the slideshow which will hopefully make the site easier to view.


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                  Just have a couple of comments to add.

                  I would put your gallery further up the list on the home page. People tend to work on lists top to bottom. You product should be the first thing people come across.

                  I'm afraid I personally don't like playlists on websites, blogs etc, it didn't actually play for me, but music is such a personal thing, and I usually turn a site off if its playing music or at least turm the music off.

                  You cards page didn't load for me. Not sure why all the others did.

                  Hope this helps a little.


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                    Thanks for your feedback, I've now changed our gallery to the second page after the home page and re-ordered a few of the other pages.

                    At the moment I'm a bit undecided about the music playlists as I've had really mixed feedback on this aspect boh on here and on the other forum I use... not really what to do for the best.


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                      I generally just close sites with music as they tend to distract me from what I am looking at!!

                      The site looks quite good otherwise.