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  • in need of advice/website

    Hi all......

    I am in the process of finishing my website and am wondering how you get traffic to your site and how you move your site up the google ladder....

    I have tried to find past posts on this if there are any could someone direct me to the correct thread and or help me to understand how it all works as my brain does not seem to want to understand


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    I'll be watching this thread with interest as I'd like to know as well...


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      I am certainly no expert on this or anything but I know it takes a while to even get on google searches after you have registered. I have a selection of meta tags (keywords) in place for my website that relate to my products and when people put those words into a search my site should come up, but it could be on the 111th page!!!. Try every avenue to advertise your website and get people to visit it. Join all the free advertising sites and get people to swap links with you on their websites. It all increases traffic and gets your site found.

      I recently joined google adwords and have had great success. You have to pay for it but I think it is well worth it and I am sure that is why my sales have gone mad since I joined.
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        I'm no expert but I'm currently learning about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as I go along with my site. The main bits are you need to make sure your site's registered with Google, Yahoo etc. You can submit your URL which is quite easy but also if you search for Google Webmasters you can verify your site to Google and submit a sitemap, all of which helps your ranking. The other thing is keywords and metatags - best to do some reading up about this. You basically have to try and get as much proper content on your site as possible with your keywords spread throughout.
        There's loads of business and networking forums around where you can get help on this - many will let you have your link in your signature or profile which also helps. You can try and swap links with other sites but only if they're relevant as otherwise it can count against you.
        Apparently it can take ages for search engines to rank you higher though.


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          I'd be happy to swap links with you...just pm me if you're interested

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            Be prepared to dedicate hours of your life to SEO. Get Google analytics and then be as active as you can in www spaces without selling out to any old nonsense 'free directory'. It doesn't have to take forever if you have a focus on your customer (if you most commonly sell to those who are unlikely to be on-line shoppers then give up now). The best of luck, but i've warned you it gets obsessive!


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              thank you

              thank you so much although its all still gobbledy gook to me.....I now know that I have to dedicate some time to get stuck into it and should be able to follow your advice on this when I have the time to really work on it.......I am sure once I start following all your great advice that it will all become clearer...... I hope lol


              Mothers hold their childrens hands awhile and their hearts forever xx


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                There's a very good beginners guide to seo on seomoz - if you google 'beginners guide to seo', seomoz it should come up. It explains the basics very well - I found it very useful when starting out!

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                  thank you I will check this out.....not sure when I will find the time to do so......all sounds like lots of work involved......I have been busy lately with my mosaics and boot sales.....but certainly thinking that online selling would be much easier once I get my head around it all.....

                  Thank you for all your advice on this I will let you know how i get on, or if I get stuck lol


                  Mothers hold their childrens hands awhile and their hearts forever xx


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                    I'm back

                    Hi all

                    I am back after......the skool hols and back into working.......hope you all had a blast through the summer.... if you could call it a summer lol

                    I have just finished my website...although have not yet got around to googling it.......I put it on air last night and would love some feedback as I am very new to all this building work lol

                    I will take on board any critisism as I want my website to work so please fire away at me........

                    my website is:


                    Thanx again to all that has given me some wonderful advice on how to get this up and running........

                    love and light

                    flutterby x


                    Mothers hold their childrens hands awhile and their hearts forever xx


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                      Hi flutterby

                      Personally I wouldn't touch any web hosting service that forces you to have an advertising banner at the top of each web page. The one that they had put on your site when I looked was distracting, obtrusive and totally unrelated to the content of your site.

                      That apart, I feel that the colour scheme doesn't really suit the concept of your site and is quite lacking in contrast in parts making it difficult for a visually challenged user (like me) to read.

                      I know that you have not yet submitted your site to Google etc but there are some very basic SEO issues which should be sorted out - like having the same <title> </title> text for all your pages and having no text for your meta tag description etc.

                      Sorry to be so negative but I don't think the site as it stands reflects well on you or your crafts. Do have another think about it and ask for help if you need it.

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                        Web site

                        Hi Flutterby,

                        I love your mosaics and I think you have a good start for the basic lay out of your site - large pictures that are clear and easy to navigate.

                        Here are some tips and suggestions:-

                        * Background colour - I'd stay away from black or anything too bright - it's hard to see and is especially difficult for people with sight impairments (not many people realise that to have a sit that is not disabled friendly is against the disability discrimmination act - don't think anyone would prosecute a small business but it's worth bearing in mind that if someone with 20/20 vision has trouble seeing it then someone with a visual impairment would find it impossible). Can I suggest a nice neutral pastel shade - think House Doctor type advice...

                        * Text - stick to the same font and the same colour for all your text - the grey doesn't show up very well but if you're changing the background colour then that will matter less but I'd stay away from lime green or bright blue and stick with black or something dark (on a light background) for your text.

                        * Descriptions - it would be really nice to have a little description next to the picture of the item - get people involved and engaged. Write it as though you are talking to someone about the piece - what was your inspiration, how long did it take you to make, who do you imagine might like it? e.g "I made this sea-horse table after a week on the beautiful island of Kos. It always reminds me of the turquoise sea and the sun setting behind the mountains in the evening when we used to sit, sipping on chilled white wine. I've got one just the same on my terrace and sitting at it always takes me back. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it" - that kind of thing.

                        * Pictures - yours are good (nice and clear, large and bright etc) but (as they say in marketing) you are selling a lifestyle - like ith the descriptions. A table with some chairs in a pretty garden (yours or a friends) with a cofee pot and some croissants on it begins to get the viewer imagining themselves sitting at your pretty mosaic table. It doesn't have to cost the earth, you can crop pictures to fool the eye for instance - if you have french windows and a pot plant that might work just as well. As the House Doctor says it's about 'staging'..

                        * I agree with Lockettpots - stay away from free sites - they stick advertising all over your pages and it looks unprofessional. If you want to make money then, I'm afraid you have to spend it. I think others have mentioned site hosts that have site builder templates that they use that aren't too expensive (Mr Site??). Hopefully someone will advise you on that.

                        * Do you own the domain name Heart Queen Mosaics? If not then you need to buy it quickly (costs about £10 per year or less).

                        As for search engines etc that's the difficult bit. If you are selling a niche market product then Google will pick it up quickly (mine is about 4th in the natural listings after under 2 years of trading).

                        Google adwords is useful but the bulk of my sales don't come from there so I'm spending £60 per month for very little return but that's fairly normal - it does get people visiting and I might get the odd sale out of it that eventually pays for itself.

                        Definately join forums and directories and ask other crafters to exchange links with you - The more links to your site the more likely the google listing.

                        An Ebay store would help too - if you sell any smaller items that you can turn around quickly or even to advertise your furniture and mirrors. The reason I recommend Ebay is because they do all your marketing for you - your listings will begin to appear in google searches and you will get traffic to your site - and every time you send out an item you pop in a card or an invoice with your website address on it and repeat customers will go direct to the site rather than ebay.

                        My only other piece of advice is don't pay anyone else who promises search optimisation - or backward links. I spent £500 in my first year of trading trying to get my site visited and those things don't work and are a complete waste of money. I learnt the hard way...

                        I hope some of this is feels good to pass on some of the hard learnt lessons of the past couple of years..

                        I wish you all the best for your enterprise.

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                          thank you

                          Thank you so much for your advice......I will be going through it albeit slowly as so much to take in......

                          Back to the drawing board.....I will follow all your advice and see if I can get it this space....

                          thank you both once again.....I apprieciate your time given to explaining to me the world of website building xx


                          Mothers hold their childrens hands awhile and their hearts forever xx


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                            You're welcome - I am looking forward to seeing it
                            for bath bomb, soap & Skincare kits
                            plus Soap Base, Bath Bomb Ingredients, Butters,
                            Oils and packaging for Bath & Body Products


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                              I was going to suggest you drop the advertising to the bottom of your site but if it is a prerequisite change that as soon as you have some budget to buy a site. The first thing people should see is your work not potential ways to go elsewhere.
                              I have just started my site too, happy to swap links if you like.

                              All the best
                              Terry x
                              Terry xxx
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