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Could I get some feedback on my website please :)

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  • Could I get some feedback on my website please :)

    Looking for some constructive feedback on my website please.
    It had a gift shop, but mainly aimed at MDF and Acrylic Blanks supplying other crafters.
    A Huge Range of Acrylic Blanks and MDF Shapes, Wooden Letters & Personalised Signs Available For All Occasions, Fast Turnaround and Wholesale Welcome.
    Kim x

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    Hi Kim.

    Very first impression, and I'm viewing your site on a Windows PC, is that the top image slider on your Home page is changing images too quickly. Personally, I'd prefer it to move a little slower, or at least pause when the mouse hovers over it.

    Another little concern is the descriptive text further down the page. I think it is too light and not easy to read, and also it's using a lot of real estate on the page with those huge blank borders. A Home page is your shop window, so to speak, and you need to make as much use of it as you can, (without overdoing it it of course!).

    Finally, I didn't se a Cookie consent button or form when visiting your site, even though it did indeed store Cookies on my machine for your site, trustpilot and facebook. However, this may have been because I've visited your site before.

    Other than the above, your site seems to perform well and isn't confusing when going through the Checkout process.

    Hope that wasn't too scathing! I know from my own experiences how difficult it is to set up an ecommerce site.


    PS. With regard to the speed of the slider ...

    If you have access to the page code yourself, then it's simply a matter of setting the 'autoplayTimeout' variable to more than the 2000 millisesonds (2 seconds) it is currently set to.

    Search for this part of the code:

    $(document).ready(function() {
    autoplay: true,
    autoplayTimeout: 2000,
    items: 1,
    loop: true,
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