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    Hi Everyone,
    Please do me a big favour take a look at my website and then tell me what you don't like about it.
    The site is very important to me and I need it to be a good as possible as I have been newly widowed need to work from home and have no pension to fall back on. So I promise not to be upset or offended and to take note of all your comments.
    It isn't finished, I need to build it up more so hard criticism will be very helpful.
    Chris W.
    Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts

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    Love it!!! Especially the 'Follow your dreams' bit. Beautiful jewellery, you should do very well!!!! Good luck! Sue xx


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      I`ve just had a play on your website. I think it looks super, very calm background colours. I like the fact that the images expand and the products are lovely.

      A have a few little suggestions! From a buyer perspective, I`d like to know how I`m going pay before before I enter the "store" so perhaps it might be an idea to consider adding some info on payment methods on the homepage?

      My eyesight isn`t brill tbh and I did find the text on the left a little small but other people may be fine.

      Also fiddled with your basket and account set up. I wonder if actually you shouldn`t give people the option to disable their order update emails???

      A lovely site and I really hope your business takes off. I`m sure it will!

      Last edited by creativeclare; 13-04-2008, 10:22 AM. Reason: Can`t tell my Left from Right!!!!


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        Hi Chris,

        I think that Creativeclare has a point about broadcasting the payment methods more clearly, I know it’s written on the header script but it isn’t immediately obvious how Jo Punter can pay. Personally I think that it’s equally important to advertise the fact that the payment system will take all major credited cards as well as PayPal’s own system. The implication is that you can only pay if you have a PayPal account, which is not the case and could lead to some confusion or indifference.

        The web site, what can I say about its quality! It’s in the top 5% or so of all the websites in the country, enough said!

        Kindest Regards,

        I.. X[email protected]/?saved=1


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          I've looked hard, but I can't find fault. Its a lovely website, I'm sure its going to do very well. Good luck with it.


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            i think your website is lovely i too like the follow your dreams bit at the top
            Jan xx



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              Hi Chris

              A lovely website. The Follow your Dreams logo is great... inviting and inspiring.

              The colours are easy to look at and don't detract from the jewellery. The photos are great, very clear, and the large view is really useful for anyone wishing to buy.

              The only negatives I can come up with are: the writing is a bit small. It's a good font to read though. Also, I always read the about us bits on a website, and sometimes they can provide a connection to the reader and possibly make them more likely to buy. The fact that you already have a shop means you have quite a bit to write about. It would be nice to see a pic of you and/or your shop on there. IMO it would add to the buyer feeling safe. I know the info's on there, but I would make it more prominent.

              All in all, a great start to web trading. Have you listed the site in any directories yet, or exchanged links?
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                Love it Chris - it is clear and easy to use and looks attractive. I particularly like that you can search by different things i.e. colour, type etc. Some web sites are so cluttered that you can't see the wood for the trees, but yours is very stylish and works!! Good luck.


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                  Beautiful! I could have spend all day looking!

                  Only thing that slightly confused me was the shipping costs - you just have £25 and £70 with the postage costs - it may be helpful to say 'orders upto £25 is xx p&p' and then 'orders from £25.01 to £70 is xx p&p'. As it could put people off thinking they have to spend £25!

                  But its a fab looking site and hope you do really really well!


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                    I Love it im wanting to set up something similar for my cards any advise /

                    Sara x


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                      Many thanks.

                      Many thanks for all your helful and kind comments which I will take on board. I guess I will have to get a proper payment system to work alongside paypal if I start to get customers.
                      I will certainly try to make the shipping rates clearer, unfortunately I can't do anything about the font size at the moment as my webmaster will go nuts if I ask him to change it, in the initial stages I had to get him to change the design quite a few times and every time I ask him to do something he doesn't reply as he is very busy.
                      I really appreciate your goodwill.

                      To Crafty Sara- it would depend on how much you want to spend. I would advise that you try to make your website as search engine friendly as possible. I am supposed to spend a few hours every week link building and I have been told to do this continuously and that it could take a year to get any kind of google page rank, without it not many people will find your site.

                      I would also advise you to buy the right photographic equipment which for cards would be copy lighting, two soft boxes or two bounced flashheads at 45 degrees (flash heads with umbrellas pointed away from your cards).
                      Chris W.
                      Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts


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                        Chris i think your site looks well very clean & crisp looking!!

                        Well done & good luck!


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                          Wow, I am blown away by your jewellery, it's brilliant. I also make jewellery but I don't yet have a website ETSY or EBay shop. Your site looks smart and professional.


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                            Lovely website!.......just one thing, I know it should be common sense but there is not always a lot of that about....should the childrens range have an age limit on it?....or has it and i've missed it? was just looking at it from an 'elf n safety point of view.
                            Good luck with your venture. Jules. x


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                              I think your website is lush. I really like that you have a section that tells us customers about each of the gemstones & crystals you use. I like knowing these type of things! this type of info does often sway my decision and what makes it better is that you have the matching products shown with each description. I like it alot!

                              hope you get loads of sales, I have my eye on a necklace, but need to wait till i get paid first, i spent a fortune on art supplies the last few days, my bank manager wont like me very much lol!


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