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  • NEW and UPDATED tell me what you think.


    We've just updated the website and would love to have any feedback about it, especially if something doesn't work!!

    I look forward to hearing form you all.


    P.S We used a open source (free) thing called Zencart to build the site and I have to say was really easy to use.

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    beautiful love the kaleidoscope in th glass art
    Jan xx


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      Looking good Ann!!!



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        Looks great - very easy to navigate and the pics are really clear.

        A mind is like a only functions when open


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          Well done, very nice!

          especially like the shipping & returns page ( postage is of special interest to me in case you haven't seen my threads re the matter!) a couple of spelling mistakes on that page though! up to,should have a space, and destination is mising the A. could do with being slightly larger font size too, a bit small imho.

          the photo art is beautiful ( as is everything else), but I can't see any info as to how the photos are supplied ( apart from size) are they just printed?/ on backing paper ? or what, would be useful to know!

          i noticed you offer a choice of currency, but how is the exchange rate worked out? is it automatic, or do you set it? as it seems a bit high , £30 shows as 40.10 euros, whereas the actual rate when I checked was 37.58, so quite a difference. other sites that offer a currency choice seemed to be much closer to the actual rate.

          wll done, nice site , nice products, and an excellent example of what can be done with free web site building


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            Can I suggest you put 'dark sun' or 'streak' as your lead photos on photo art? The B/W makes it look more arty, and I used to have boxes full of magenta sky photos I'd taken that nobody thought were any big deal! The light/ flash reflects off the bottom of the sky photo as well, makes it look over exposed. The glass is great though - I don't think you should mix them!


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              Thankyou all for you responses.

              We're sorting out the spellings and the currency is automated but my DOH will look into it. As for the size of words you are so right it also needs to bigger on the privacy page aswell!

              I have added a bit about the pics and will be doing more tomorrow, Peter I have swapped the pictures, those two you picked out are my favorites. Dark Sun was actually taken while sitting in the passanger seat of the car going around the roundabout hopeing I got the shot!!!



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                Hi Ann,
                Beautiful work why not show it off more?
                I love the colours in your pendants and if it were my design would make the website template colours more neutral so that your jewellery colours stand out more rather that compete for attention with the webpage. I would also show off your work more with bigger images if you can do that. My site has a similar format but I make the large image 800 pixels wide so you can see it very clearly.
                Chris W.
                Gemstone Jewellery and Gifts


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                  This looks great, it is really clear and the pictures are good.

                  Good luck!


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                    I`m not sure I can add anything more except what I really like is your style of writing!

                    The products are lovely but the text you have added is great. You create an image of how the jewelry will suit the client and basically sell it to them with gusto!


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                      Hi CreativeClaire,

                      Thankyou for your comments, I tried to aim it as if describing it to someone blind/ visually impaired.

                      I also had a thesaurus to hand!



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                        A lovely website. I love your glass art.

                        You mentioned Alton craft Fair - is this the same Alton as Alton Towers Theme Park or a completely diferent place?

                        Well done and good luck!
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                          Hi Wendy,

                          Its Alton in Hampshire. You will firnd more info about some of the hampshire fairs I attend in the UK craft fair section.



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                            love it

                            i realllyy like the patchwork pendant ittttssss soooo nice....!