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  • Go on tell me what you think!!

    Hi ,

    Just looking a wee bit of advice got my own website a few months back & just would love to hear what you all think.-Please be honest. Also dont know if i should sell directly from it as a lot of my business is wholesale & i also sell at craft fairs & a city market once a week.

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    I love your scent description and names. I used to live with a whole load of Irish nurses and just reading your irish names brings their banter flooding back!!
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      Love the colors and the patterns, lovely photos, think the site is fab!! Only thing I am missing is information about the company, who you are. About online shop, I would go for it.



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        It's a lovely site, I love your descriptions and the photo's are really good.
        But - sorry there's always a but - I wanted to be able to click on the photos or a link in the description to go to the page with the First Class Scents or Candles. Then I scrolled up to your banner and didn't see the list at the top at first. I would prefer to see the page links under the banner. Some idea of prices would be useful as well - from £x to £x.
        I think a shop would be a great idea.



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          The site is lovely. And you can almost smell the candles...

          Like everyone else I agree with the online shop. I really feel some idea of RRP should be listed. The info about how and where to buy was not very prominent. I almost missed it to begin with (dozy mare that I am -I blame first day back at work!!).

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            Web site

            Hi your colours work well

            I noticed your page was a bit slow at loading , this is not a problem but i did notice that your images are not optermised for the web. Check with your design team -

            This is not a problem for broadband users but a dialup customer might have to wait a bit or bailout.

            kind regards



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              totally fab site!
              definitely should sell from it, it can't do any harm, and opens up a whole new market.
              it's a greatsite,I just wantedto read more..about the candles, 'bout the co..etc..


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                Like it
                I like the jars you've used, think they look really good and professional, but they look like they would be heavy/expensive to post?
                Also like the sound of the scents, nice site


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                  I like your site, too. Lovely colours, great photos and nice descriptions. well done!

                  I also wanted to click on the pictures to enlarge them, and maybe get more information. I always want to read an about page.

                  I know if you are wholesale, you don't really want all your prices on the website, but an idea of price would be useful for a would-be buyer. Or a page where they can log in once you have verified their trading status, before they commit to buying? What sort of quantities would they be expected to buy? And would a party plan consultant have to buy their own stock? Just my thoughts.

                  I'd stay with the website, there's no need for it to clash with your existing, off-line selling. Good luck!
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                    I thought it was a great site, loved your descriptions of the smells too.


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                      I love the look of your site - the colour and design is just right. The pictures are great and the products look very professional. I love the names - I just want to smell them all now!!
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                        I love your poetic descriptions. Lovely site.




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                          Thanks folks for your feedback!!