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    Originally posted by wendy View Post
    Yes, we visited Preveli Beach, we went by boat, it is a beautiful place.

    My friend went to Santorini recently and she loved it. I would love to go. I have only read about Knossos.

    Someone told me we really should walk through the Samaria Gorge, but there were two reasons we didn't: it was August and far too hot for such a long walk, and my partner has multiple sclerosis and if he walks too far he will be quite poorly afterwards. After the walk up the mountain by Plakias, next day his legs stopped working properly, and as he was swimming in the sea when it happened it was a bit scary!

    I think we need more than a week ot two...
    I am sorry about your friend ! I have not passed through the Samaria Gorge either, it is something I am planning to do some day.... maybe we are going to do it together (my husband has problem with his feet, too, so we 'll take it easy and stop all the time lol...)
    I think 2 weeks is ok for Crete... and 4-5 days for Santorini!
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      Haha, sounds like a plan! Would be fab to do it together. Maybe sometime when it isn't too hot, although it may be cool in the gorge?

      Two weeks for Crete? Or two weeks for the Samaria Gorge??!!

      We shall have to start saving up!!
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