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does anyone else 'etsy'?

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    I don't have a shop on Etsy as it told me i had to have a credit card to be able to sell stuff, for security purposes?


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      I browse Etsy lots during my lunch break Bought quite a few items last year but tried to keep my spending down so far this year. Some great shops on there though.

      Must track down folksy to see what the fuss is about.


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        Iv just reopened my etsy account. Thought id give it another go
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          I'd love an Etsy shop but there are so many people making childrens clothes I'm sure it would get lost. Obviously would love to try Folksy but few weeks ago I was lurking in the forum trying to decide what to do and get an idea of what the sellers were like and there were some catty comments about another seller which really put me off. Not really sure what to do next need to get my skates on though cos hubby is grumbling about how much fabric I've bought and how much I've spent with next to no income so far - ooops!

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            Does anyone know of a desktop converter that's compatible with a mac? Also, when sending parcels abroad and selling abroad is there anything I need to do tax or otherwise?
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              I used to etsy, but have given up over there. I now use Artfire, would recommend a look as a great alternative
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                Just had a quick peek at Artfire and it seems you can list in uk £'s as well as dollars? But like all the's a slow process getting noticed! Oh....and it's $12 per month.
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                  for anyone using etsy, I'd recommend this site, I can't post links yet, but it's mega useful for working out how much money you'll get after etsy fees, paypal fees shipping etc just google 'etsy hacks'

                  I've got an etsy store, but I haven't listed anything yet as I'm waiting until I have enough stock to make it seem like a real shop, as oppose to just a couple of items. I want enough variety in there to attract different customers and so they want to return
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                    I discovered Etsy and Dawanda a couple of months ago - and whilst I have not listed any crafts, I think they are both very user friendly - crisp and professional which is exactly what is needed to encourage buyers. The photos are clear and detailed.

                    I do feel the UK sites Folksy and one other (can't remember the name) are a little cluttered and not as user friendly.

                    Just my opinion, Also it seems every craft blog has a link to Etsy - they have a great exposure on the web world.


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                      joined etsy yesterday, i'm not liking the site as much as ones like coriandr and misi but the sales and traffic on there is alot better :/
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