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does anyone else 'etsy'?

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    I Have an etsy shop and a folksy shop that sell the same things, but I have had to guess with the prices for etsy!!

    I think if you list an item or 2 every day or so, your shop will be more visable!

    Only had one sale from folksy so far, but then I didn't have much listed either!!



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      Whatever you do - Don't guess at prices for Etsy !

      Open up google or whatever you use, type in mioplanet and download their currency converter - it just sits on the desktop and waits for you to click on it to get your £'s converted to $'s. Keep a mental note of what the conversion rate is, today is $1.45 or so to the £, and every so often type ' sterling dollar' into google and that will give you the exact current rate.

      If the £ starts to buy more dollars, you'll start to loose money, not only on the sale but also when Paypal does the conversion.



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        a useful website is - i think you can even sign up to a daily email telling you what the exchange rate is so you have no excuse to price incorrectly!

        I love etsy - i havent made loads of sales but I find it so inspiring - could spend a fortune on there!


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          I have an etsy shop and I just said that I ship only to the US. I was afraid that some kind of international tax guy would come and get me.

          I've had my shop for a while, but only just started posting daughter has sold a fair number of items - even to other countries! She has no fear.

          I have not had any sales yet, but it sure is fun now that I am getting the hang of it, and I am getting visitors. Hopefully someone will buy something some day. I have only three regular customers at my website - so my husband just bought me a google ad - I now owe $8.00! So at least I'm getting clicks/visits...but still no sales! Sigh. I do sell a lot at craft and holiday markets, though.


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            I have esty store, and luckily I made my first sale for 'a shark tooth necklack' I made myself from coconut shell, fish bone and complete with a real shark tooth as the pendent in few days after listing. Then I made another sale for $100 for 'Thai wedding string light' brough by a canadian bride to be!

            I love esty!
            unique, authentic and affordable


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              Originally posted by Peter View Post
              It's like an e bay for handcrafted goods. I think it's an acquired taste though - I got a shop and it takes me ages to even find it! I'll have another look when I get time.

              I have a shop...and keep forgetting about it! Must see if I can track it down! There are some gorgeous pieces on Etsy though, just the fact that the pieces are hand crafted thrills me!


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                I have an Etsy store and it's my only way of selling my items. I like it, it's not too costly and seems to get people viewing my jewellery. I have had a few sales from it but not too many, i seem to sell my designs in person. I don't really have anything bad to say about Etsy though, it's simple and effective! ^_^
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                  Oh HungryDesigns, I like your jewellery; they're unique! Good luck!
                  unique, authentic and affordable


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                    I signed up to Folksy yesterday and created my shop but haven't listed any items for sale as yet. Is the only difference that Folksy is available within the UK only, and Etsy is available to buy from worldwide? How do you know how much to list the postage cost per item for other countries?


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                      I love Etsy alot, I love to buy off there as its just so unique, I always look for UK crafters on there too especially my local ones to see whats on offer.
                      I have a little shop on there which I've recently opened and I know from reading their forums that you need to upload everyday really to get the hits to your shop. So rather than list everything at once I list a one or two items daily

                      Hope that helps
                      Deanne x

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                        Originally posted by C Hupfield Ceramics View Post
                        I signed up to Folksy yesterday and created my shop but haven't listed any items for sale as yet. Is the only difference that Folksy is available within the UK only, and Etsy is available to buy from worldwide? How do you know how much to list the postage cost per item for other countries?
                        Re postage overseas - royal mail have a handy chart here
                        so if you have some kitchen scales handy you can work out postage costs per item.

                        The differences between Folksy and Etsy are that on Folksy you can list your items in the good old £, but on Etsy you list your pices in $.
                        Folksy is planning on going international in the future.

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                          Daft question coming up: When you 'shop local' on Etsy, only the most recent 100 shops come up. There just have to be more than 100 uk shops, but how do I get to view them all?
                          Gail x

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                            Try putting UK in the general search box,
                            I know a lot of Uk sellers put Uk as a searchable Tag
                            (me included now)
                            Nic xx
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                              Now I know how to locate more uk etsy shops, I may start using my shop, lol! I do love etsy, but I sooo wish you could use £££'s instead of $$$'s. Only because I'm mathematically challenged (read that as thick!)
                              Gail x

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                                Oh, I understand being mathematically challenged alright.

                                I just downloaded this:
                                on the recommendation of a previous poster (sorry, can't remember name, but I repped you! - thanks)

                                It is so easy, a fabulous little thing that works out the exchange rate almost before you've typed it in!!! It is brill! and may even convince me to have a go at etsy!
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