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does anyone else 'etsy'?

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    I think an "etsy tips thread" could be interesting if you have the time. Unfortunately the friend who recommended it to me hadn't actually used it themselves but I looked around the site with interest. A lot of good stuff on there.
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      Originally posted by swirlyarts View Post
      If you want an Etsy tips thread then let me know and I'll start one - (forgive me Mr M!)
      Yes please

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        Right I'll do it tomorrow - bedtime now!!
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          I registered on etsy but havent sold anything yet - i think the way the dollar is against the pound at the minute might put some of buying as it just works out too expensive
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            I've been looking at Etsy as they have some very wierd and wonderful products on there, was thinking for the cost of it possibly advertising on there, may give it a go.
            Would defo be interested to see the etsy help thread though.
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              Originally posted by swirlyarts View Post
              I've sent several items that I have sold over to the US so it's not just us buying from the US - the Americans like us too! Unless you have an instant winner product (which all of us want!) then you will have to work hard at getting your name out there as it's such a big market. If you want an Etsy tips thread then let me know and I'll start one - not that I'm an expert but I lurk around the forums on Etsy too (forgive me Mr M!)

              Me too me too pretty pretty please.


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                Etsy feedback

                I've made three sales on Etsy since I joined. The first buyer was Canadian but visiting family in the UK. The next two were to American customers buying personalised room/house signs.

                It's good to have somewhere that does list your work and is cheaper than eBay.

                Here's to some more customers soon!!

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                  yes! i do!

                  Yes! I have an etsy shop!
                  i've had it for two weeks and just sold my first two items! i'm thrilled .....I really enjoy the forums there - the whole place is a lot of fun.


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                    Heehee, quite funny reading back this thread as it's an old one before I had given etsy a go. I had some concerns but glad I tried as I enjoy it there now.
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                      Glad I joined Etsy too - wish I'd joined earlier!

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                        I have 'Etsy' shop too, sold one gift set



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                          I have started an Etsy shop as well. Still no sales, but am finding my way round it all. There do seem to be quite a few sellers from the UK listed.

                          At least it is cheap to list!


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                            Could not resist adding that I am a BIG Etsy fan and have spent ... GULP... a small fortune, buying stacks of goodies from handbags, jewelery and reusable menstruation pads.

                            I LOVE IT!!!


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                              I've not been on here for a few weeks (home improvement issues!) but I couldn't resist popping in to respond to this thread.

                              I opened my Etsy shop in February and have had 3 sales in 7 months (all to US customers). I opened a Folksy shop in July and have sold 2 items in 2 months (both to UK customers). I thought Etsy was fantastic when I first joined up but I have recently changed my mind and emptied both shops (I opened another in July to seperate my cards from my other crafts) and I am now considering closing them altogether. Although there are Uk sellers on Etsy there are very few UK shoppers and whilst I've nothing against selling overseas, I really would prefer to keep it national.
                              When I discovered Folksy (set to become the UK's own answer to Etsy?) I felt as if I'd found the perfect online selling venue (for me anyway).
                              Etsy looks the part but does it really live up to it? Have a look at the section on the site that showcases the "items just sold". More often than not it's supplies that are selling and not the handmade stuff!

                              I just wanted to share my views and experiences of Etsy just so you get as broad a picture as possible, I'm not suggesting that anyone should give Etsy a miss, just don't get wowed by the shiny bright front pages and stay realistic about whether it can offer what you want.
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                                Hey that sounds great, to be honest I would prefer to spend my money on UK products, lets face it they are the best

                                I had never heard of Folksy but you can guarantee I will be signing up and buying some nice goodies.

                                Also for what it is worth I have never come accross anyone who has heard of Etsy, which is a bit of shame.