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  • My cardmaking blog

    Please visit the blog in my signature let me know what you think, I'm desperately trying to get more followers!

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    Hi Hayley

    Just had a quick peek at your blog...I'm left wondering what the main purpose/aim of your blog is? I hope that doesn't sound too rude (its not intended that way) but many people start a blog just because they feel they need to have one...but they don't fully consider what they want to the blog to do for them and that makes it harder to develop a following. With so many blogs out there visitors can afford to be picky how and where they spend their cyber time.

    If you want followers you will need to spend time making friends in blog land, becoming followers of other blogs and inviting people to yours...

    One way to get people to follow a cardmaking/craft orientated blog is to offer them something...and I don't necessarily mean freebies or blog candy (although a blog candy offer is a sure fire way to get fake people who will sign up as followers to be in with a chance of winning your candy but may never return to look at your blog after that) but maybe by having super useful links, tutorials, techniques or that they come away from your blog feeling like they learned/gained something.

    Another way is to join challenges, blog hops etc and of course the forums ...

    To gain a real following you must put in some groundwork which can initially be quite time intensive...but should pay off in the long term

    I wish you luck.


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      Hi Christa,

      The purpose of my blog is to document my progress in learning the craft of cardmaking and any other crafty ideas I have. I have taken part in quite a few challenges but haven't had the chance to do a bloghop as of yet. I will persevere with the challenges and try to make my posts a bit more useful. Thanks for the advice.
      Add me please


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        Hi I have a bit more time I have been back and had a proper look at your blog...and this time I actually remembered to become a follower too (oops!) I have to say I love the change of plan post - the one where you assessed the sewing option...I can so relate to that. I am really rubbish at sewing and gave it up as a bad least with card making there is the option of faux stitching and zots to stick buttons down LOL

        Happy blogging... I think one of the other important things with blogs is to update regularly... Sadly I am rubbish at that too...