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  • Mr Site - Setting up a Website

    I want to set up a website for my fused and stained glass things. Not to sell things from (as yet!), but just to have an online presence that I can send people to if they want to find out about the stuff I make.

    I have noticed that quite a few crafters/artists seem to use 'Mr Site' and was hoping to get some advice about whether you have found it any good or not.

    Also, if anyone has any other recommendations I'd be grateful. I'm not completely computer-illiterate, but I'm not a web designer and an all-in package like Mr Site looks a lot less hassle than trying to do it all myself.

    Thanks for any help


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    Hi I can't really comment as I faffed about and made my website. I have heard good and bad things about Mr Site. Use the search function and you will be able to read what has been said.


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      Hi, i am in the middle of making my own Mr Site website.
      For me so far it is great as i haven't a clue about stuff like that.
      It's taking me a while but only cos i got stuck on the photos thing. Think i have it sussed now so all i need is the time.....
      I'm sure if you are not as illiterate as me it will be even better as you can just do morw fancy stuff!!
      Everyone has to start somewhere and i think it's good, for the money.


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        Mrsite is definately great to start out with-you can get a really good site without too much effort, although most of the hits will be your own while you check every last thing.
        The more i've had it the more it's got on my nerves to be honest though. The formats you use to set up a quick site quickly become more of a hinderance as you can't do many of the things you might expect from a regular site. It goes down more often than i'm happy with and the inventory system isn't really suitable for 'one-off' pieces too.
        That being said i'm in the minority of people who don't like it.
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          I'vve used mr site for nearly 2 years now and although I can see where some would get frustrated by it, it suits my needs.

          Ive never had any bother with Mr Site and think it's easy to understand and use.
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            Originally posted by the felt fairy View Post
            I'vve used mr site for nearly 2 years now and although I can see where some would get frustrated by it, it suits my needs.

            Ive never had any bother with Mr Site and think it's easy to understand and use.
            Me too, I'm quite happy with it so far.

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              I have recently decided to split my jewellery sales from my bead and findings web store. The two things although conected need promoting in different ways. I've also begun to sell my bags etc. so I wanted a new site.
              I run the beads and findings from a great set up called ekm which has some amazing features and set ups. The down side though is the running costs. at nearly thirty pounds a month it's quite expensive and something I couldn't justify yet for the jewellery etc.
              I'd read several things about mr site and decided to go for it. I ordered through amazon as it's only £17. as opposed to the £34 if you get it from mr site.
              Arrived yesterday morning and to say it's a blank canvas is an understatement. Putting it together is very different from the ecommerce templates of EKM.
              I knew very strongly how I wanted to get it up and running. The lay out needed to fit with my other store and I needed to be able to develop it in the future. I started out with huge diagrams for page to page links and it's so far going well. i've not got much hair to pull out so the odd stressy moment was taken up by a quick walk to the kettle.
              I think you need to have a bit of know how to begin tackling it in an ecommerce manner, but having my IT student son around did help a little.
              I think it'll be another whole week (working around the other store orders etc) before I'm ready to show and tell.
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                Well im certainly no expert.
                It does take time and patience to figure some things out . But on the whole its great value for money and is working for me so far lol



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                  Am just going to keep agreeing with you today Michelle, LOL!! I am a complete numpty when it comes to anything to do with computers so if I can set up my website through Mr Site, which I have, then anybody can. Have just done a complete overhaul to it too, you really can't go wrong with it. Sure there are some drawbacks and things you wish you could do, but am more than happy with mine and would highly recommend it to anybody!
                  Jo x

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                    Deviantart is a good place to make your artist's gallery ...