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  • Advice on making a website...

    Ok, as I'm just starting out I don't want to spend loads of money setting up a website quite yet.... So I just signed up for a account.
    This is what I have so far...

    it looks ok to ME, but what do you think??
    Is it worth investing in getting a dotcom of my own yet? Whatdo you use to make your website and how much do you pay etc??
    email: [email protected]

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    I think it looks good, small question - how an earth do you get your prices to show in £? i signed up to this free website building yesterday and mine show in dollars???????
    I too am wanting to go .com or .uk but am unsure about cost, so i would be interested to hear from other people too.
    i think it looks great though, love the necklaces,
    * Julie *

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      I know I have said it before but I always recommend Do Your Own Site

      They are £5.88 a month or you get 12 month for price of 12 if you pay upfront for a year.

      Your domain names are only £2.99 a year for a one so you are looking at less than £60 in total for the whole year . Which I think is very good value baring in mind the returns you could get from it.

      We have had many discussions on the board before regarding free sites and most people would not buy off one as it does not reflect a profesional image.
      DoYourOwnSite have a free 30 day trial so if you are seriously thinking of having your own site and domain name, I would say don't waste your time building a free site but use the free trial time to build your site and then only start paying when it goes live.
      Building a good site with key words and optomised photographs takes a lot of time and effort, it would be a shame to do all that work on a free site, only to have to change it later.

      good luck what ever you decide


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        I agree I use do your own site too.

        Easy to use and set up, and if you set up adsense on your site then the revenue you get from this can help towards your site fees.

        Free sites always have restrictions that you only discover as you start building your site.

        Do your own site also has fantistic help at your finger tips, if you don't know how to do anything they will (a real person) get back to you and help).

        .com is not as good as a, as google rate uk's better in page rankings.

        I love your site so far beautiful colours and image, but I noticed your site address has the hosts name in it, buy a

        Do those ads at the top of your site remain, or is there an option to get rid of them?.


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          It looks fab.

          I agree with others though. The free URL loses credibility for you, and the ads don't do you any favours either.

          I would recommend that as a first step you should buy your URL. You've settled on your business name and don't want anyone else snapping it up!You don't have to do anything with it yet, and it will only cost you £2.79 a year from Heart Internet. Other places do it for similar cost.

          I recommend Heart for their amazing support - your email requests get answered in a couple of minutes by a human who is willing to patiently explain things to a technodunce like me. It's a bit like your own online teacher at times. They do different levels of hosting, if you are ready for that too.

          You've made a great start, but I agree that it's a lot of work to put into something if you're going to move it in a few months.

          If you don't do anything else, get your own domain name. Btw, I've noticed that doesn't put overseas buyers off, and it's cheaper to buy.

          Good luck!
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            I'm on heart right now ready to purchase a domain name,but its saying £2.79/yeah everywhere but when i do the search for my name and that i want it comes up £5.98... any clues?!?!
            email: [email protected]


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              Not sure if its just my computer but your site took a really long time to load for me. I like it so far, but agree with the others about all the time you will be spending on it, and then if having to change.

              I think its really important to have a professional website to support your business. Everyone uses the internet.

              My site was made by a friend all in html code, he has his own business doing this, and designs/customises sites to your specific requirements. PM me if you would like his details.


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                I think I should be ok on the design side of things (one of the perks of being at uni I think, lots of students wiling to lend a hand) just the costing confused me on heart internet, although even £5 odd is pretty cheap for a domain.
                email: [email protected]


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                  With regards to Heart Internet I think they charge £2.79 per year but you have to buy for a minimum of 2 years making the total £5 odd. This confused me for a while the other day when I was buying my domain name but it does seem to be the case.

                  Lorna x
                  Lorna x

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                    Hi, Sometimes very popluar names or words can cost more.
                    I would recommend buying your domain name now. Even if you don't do anything with it, you will be kicking yourself if you want to do it in a years time and someone else has bought it.
                    Going back to price for the name - names can be resold if very popluar. Did you see the story about the man who bought, I think it was s* or something when the internet first took off, he later sold the name for millions!!!
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                      it did work out that you have to buy a minimum of two years, now all I need to do is learn me some dreamweaver or HTML skillssss! haha.
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                        Originally posted by TerriWoah View Post
                        it did work out that you have to buy a minimum of two years, now all I need to do is learn me some dreamweaver or HTML skillssss! haha.
                        No, you can do it without, although you'll learn as you go. If you have a host with a good support package, it's amazing what you'll learn from them.

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                          How does google adsense work? And does it actually work or is it like one of those, earn £100 000 000 000 an hour!!!!!! **** things?
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                            Take a look at WordPress.
                            There are 2 options, one you install on your own server and one which in a couple of clicks is all set up. Just google wordpress and you will come up with the site.


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                              Been with them for over a year, Customer support is top notch, and there is a help forum.

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