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Does anyone use Squidoo?

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  • Does anyone use Squidoo?

    I keep hearing about how good squidoo is supposed to be but I just can't work it out. I created a 'lens' the other day

    but, as yet, no views- am I doing something wrong?
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    Hi glasskanvas. I use Squidoo. Like anything online don't expect results overnight. Squidoo is very good Google loves it. But like with everything it is an ongoing process.

    I've just visited your lens not bad for starters. It just need some more work on it. Try adding some more modules. If you have a Flickr account then load up your pictures of your products and put them on your lens. Likewise your eBay shop if you have one or Etsy (Squidoo now has and Etsy module).

    Make sure you fill out your bio and just try and make you lens as interesting as possible. Remember Squidoo is all about information on your chosen subject so the more relevant and interesting you can make it the better. Talking of which, I need to update my lenses

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      Hello, nice lens man.
      Even i love to use squidoo. Its getting very popular now a days.
      What you guys out there say


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        thanks for this thread, i hadn't even heard about it and now i've just spent ages having a fascinating time wondering around squidoo reading about stuff i'm into! cheers!


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          I use squidoo too, I think the key is to use your url in your signature to get the ball rolling as this will help with your google rankings. Hope this helps.



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            The most important thing about squidoo, as already mentioned, is that the search engines rate social sites like squidoo very highly. It's a good way to get quality one way links back to your site / blog.
            I've done a couple of lenses and will do more, it's just trying to find the time.

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              I made a squidoo possibly a year back and I'd forgotton all about it. I'll have to go back and change it all as I dumped my old website and made a new one so the squidoo won't even be relevant anymore!
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                Content and Keywords on Squidoo

                I have about 30 squidoo lenses and have found the old addage that content is king to be an absolute.

                Relevant keywords are the big answer here. Put in good keyword phrases according to what you sell and that will help a lot. There is a free Keyword Strategies article on my site that should be of interest if you wanted to have a look.

                The best lenses I have use around 7 text modules with keyword relevant headings and unique content.

                As above Google loves squidoo but it still needs to read text to know whats going on in your lens. Combine this with their great image options and you can have a winner.



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                  Squidoo is cool

                  Yes. Often. You need to create good lenses for good links


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                    I created a couple of lenses a while ago but haven't really been back and done much more, found it all a bit confusing to be honest. I think I'll have to try and get to grips with it - never seems to be enough hours in the day for all these things at the moment though.